Murdered Soul Suspect Gruesome Car Crash Case Guide

Murdered Soul Suspect Gruesome Car Crash Case Guide

Once your way to the police station you will see a car in a bush and a ghost near the car. Talk to him and he will tell you about the car crash and wonder whats going on. This guide will help you beat the case on your first try. Let’s get started.

Gruesome Car Crash

Murdered Soul Suspect Gruesome Car Crash Case

There are three clues to find for this part of the case. The search area is right around the car.

Clue 1 – You can find a broken bottle of scotch next to the car on the ground. Gee I wonder what that could of been used for?

Clue 2 – You can find the B-rad license plate on the ground behind the car.

Clue 3 – You can find the gas station receipt near the broken building on the side walk. This will lead you to the gas station where you will find another set of clues.

You have 5 clues to find at the gas station.

Clue 4 – Reform the girl pumping gas at the gas station for another clue.

Clue 5 – Reveal the guy next to the other car to get Rick puking as a clue.

Clue 6 – Go to the phone and reveal Brad for another clue.

Once you have those three clues solve this part of the case by using all of them. This will get you the clue Mysterious bang.

Possess the guy working on the door and use the mysterious bang to get a clue. Return the Brad and tell him the news to complete the case.