Murdered Soul Suspect Apartment 1A Case Guide

Murdered Soul Suspect Apartment 1A Case Guide

In the laundry room of apartment 1A you will find a ghost girl you can talk to. Once you talk to her she will tell you she wants to find her body and she needs your help. This guide will help you solve the case one the first attempt!

Mysterious Murder

Murdered Soul Suspect Apartment A1

After you leave the laundry room enter the door labeled 1A. There are two old people talking in there and one is watching TV. Posses the one watching TV and influence him with the mysterious murder clue. The old man will talk about how the girl dropped quickly after she was hit.

Clue 1 – Possess the old man and use the mysterious murder to influence him for the Old Man’s secret clue.

Clue 2 – Now influence the old lady and use the mysterious murder on her to get the Old Woman’s secret.

Clue 3 – Go check the closet and reveal the garden tools and inspect them for a clue.

Clue 4 – One the kitchen table there is a news paper you can reveal to get another clue.

Clue 5 – Lastly on the table next to the door out there is a letter that can be inspected for the last clue.

At this point you have mind read them and know that it was them that did the murder. Now you can solve the case by using the find the answer button. First pick the Old man’s secret, next the Old woman’s secret and finally the Mysterious murder. This will get you the location of the body and another clue. Return to the woman across the hallway and tell her the information.

After that she will talk to you for a bit and the case will be completed. check back soon for more guides!