Murdered Soul Suspect Scorned Case Guide

Murdered Soul Suspect Scorned Case Guide

On your way to the cemetery you will come across a woman who wants your help finding out about her husband. You need to find out if he cheated on her or not. This guide will help you find all the clues and complete the case on your first try. Let’s get started.

Broken Hearted

Murdered Soul Suspect Scorned Case

There are four clues and the first one you get by talked to her.

Clue 1 – After you accept the quest you get the clue broken hearted.

Clue 2 – Posses the man leaning on the fence and influence him. Use the broken hearted clue to get the ex-girlfriend’s suicide clue.

Clue 3 – Now posses the woman next to him and use the broken hearted influence on her as well. This will get you the should to cry on clue.

After this you need to figure out if he cheated on her or not and at this point you have the answer. There are only three choices but the order does actually matter in this case. Pick broken hearted, ex-girlfriend’s suicide and finally a shoulder to cry on. This will get you the last clue.

Clue 4 – After you figure out what happened you will get the final clue, bad news.

Talk to the woman you started with and tell her about what happened. She will be relived and thank you then disappear and you will get a trophy/achievement for helping out. Now you can move on to the cemetery and continue the game.

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