New Pokemon Snap Requests Guide

New Pokemon Snap Requests Guide
A new feature in New Pokemon Snap, is the ability to take on requests from other characters. Check out this New Pokemon Snap requests guide to get them all done as soon as you can. This way you aren’t replaying the level over and over trying to figure out what you need to do.

New Pokemon Snap Requests Guide

Shockingly Well Done
This is one of the first ones you can complete. Head to the Park(Day) map and keep going until you see the berries on the ground.

Shockingly Well Done

Toss the Fluff berry down and make sure it lands inside of the berries there. A pokemon will fly down from the trees and use lightning on the berries here. Make sure you get a picture of it!

Hard Won Happiness
This one will take up most of the Park (Night) level at research level 2. At the start there will be some buffalo pokemon sleeping and a Pidgeot will eventually fly in behind them. You need to toss a Fluffy fruit so that Pidgeot eats it before flying off. Now when you get near the Bidoof dam Pidgeot will fly down again. Toss a Fluff fruit at it again and it will eat it and fly off. Once you get near the end of the level, Pidgeot will land in the road and walk up to your before posing. Grab the photo and that will complete the mission.

Munching Murkrow
Head to the Park at night and wait until you cross the first little stone bridge near the giant Tangela pokemon. Look on the right and you can see three Murkrow hanging out in the grass after the bridge. Toss a Fluffy fruit in that area and wait for one to eat before taking a picture. I also used my flute to make some dance so I don’t know if that is needed or not.

A Terrific Yawn
For this one you will need the Fluff fruit. Head to the park at night and after the forest you will head down hill and see some Torterra sleeping. Not every one of them will wake up but a few do. Toss the Fluff fruit at them until one opens their eyes and wait for them to yawn. Snap the photo and you are good to go.

Hoothoots Hidden Foot
This one is pretty simple but you need the fluff fruit to get it done. Head to the Park at night this time and near the end there will be a Hoothoot on a sign. Toss a fruit at him and his leg will pop out. Grab the photo and you are good to go.

Livening Up The Flowers
Work in progress.
Asleep On A Calm Night
The Bidoof will need to be done with its dam before you can do this one. Head to the park at night and when you pass over the Bidoof dam, look left quickly to see a sleeping pokemon. It turns out to be Sylveon.

Asleep On A Calm Night

Get the photo.

Meganiums Pal
Work in progress.
Taking A Splash
This one is pretty simple. Head to the Jungle (Day) level and keep going until near the end. When you get to the waterfalls with the Quagsire sitting on the rock, wait for the second one to appear. Watch it walk to the ledge and it will jump in. Snap a pick as it jumps in to get the request done.

Sudden Movement
For this one you will need the Lumen ball that you get by going deeper into the story. Head to the park at night and you will see a Tangrowth by the bridge early in the level. Toss the Lumen ball at it and it will jump up and leap away. Get a photo as it leaps.
Who Needs Wings
You will need the Lumen ball for this one, which you get by following the story. When you have the Lumen ball, find the Dodrio in the park at night and toss it at him. This will cause him to jump for a bit and that is the photo you need.
Work in progress.
Hard Work In The Jungle
Work in progress.
Arbok Falls Asleep
For this one you need the Fluff fruit and go to the Jungle (night) at research level one. Right after the log with the cat Pokemon on it early on, look into the tree to see a sleeping Arbok. You need to hit it with three Fluff fruits to knock it out of the tree and awake. Snap the photo as it falls or as you crashes into the ground.

Wheres That Pokemon
Another one you do in the Park at night. When you get near the end of the level you will get to the sign with Hoothoot on it. Toss an Illumina Orb at the sign to make a few Caterpie’s pop out. Take the photo and turn it in.

Resting Its Wings
You will need to have access to the second research level of the Jungle night level. Early on you will see a couple of Cat pokemon run across a log above you. Look further in the upper right in another tree to see a Yanmega sleeping on the tree. Snap a photo to complete this mission.

Check back soon for more New Pokemon Snap guides.