Ni No Kuni 2 Kingdom Builder Guide

Ni No Kuni 2 Kingdom Builder Guide

One of the big draws to Ni No Kuni 2 is the Kingdom Builder mini game. Here you will build up your town and attempt to make it into a grand kingdom. Check out this Ni No Kuni 2 kingdom builder guide to build your city up the right way.

Ni No Kuni 2 Kingdom Builder Guide

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Evermore Castle
This is the place that the magic gets done. Here you will be able to run your kingdom and all that is in it. Not only that but you can collect your coins and your resources here as well. You can check how much KG you are earning per hour and how much influence you have. Remember the more influence you have the more KG you earn. The castle can and should be upgraded as soon as you can, it is often a pre requisite to upgrading other buildings. The first upgrade needs 25 citizens in town and 10 Facilities built. Even and Roland will reside in the castle.
Evermore Weapon Workshop
If you are looking for new weapons or looking to upgrade existing ones, this is the place to do it. Research here will add new types of melee and ranged weapons. You can also improve the quality of upgrades or the speed at which they complete.

Best Early Personal – Nu Bi is a natural here with his Smith’s Instinct passive. Batu and Munokhoi are good extra units to have for research, but they both should be placed elsewhere when not researching.

Evermore Barracks
Here you can improve your Skirmish Units with various research upgrades. This isn’t a huge priority early, but building it does increase how much you earn.

Best Early Personal – Batu, Munokhoi and Chingis. All of them are better suited in other spots so you might just leave that empty if you aren’t doing research.

Evermore Outfitters
Armor and accessories are built and upgrade here. The more research you get done, the higher quality armors you can craft and upgrade. Don’t neglect this to much, this place comes in handy later in the game.

Best Early Personal – Geral, Nial and Chingis. They all have better use elsewhere but you can use them for research until you get more citizens.

Here you can upgrade and recruit new Higgledy to help you out in battle. They aren’t as important as you main party members but their support can save you in a bind. Plus Auntie fits here the best and you get her super early.

Best Early Personal – Auntie Martha hands down, her passive is made for Higgles. Nial and Tani can help out with research but they don’t hold a candle to Auntie.

Explorers Guild
Make sure to get this place early because it has two very useful upgrades for your kingdom and for you as a player. Store More Stuff is an ugprade that lets your kingdom hold more resources, without it the box can only hold 20. You pretty much have to come back every 30 minutes to empty it at that rate. The second one you will need Hoi Den for but you get her early and that is Brisk Stroll. With this you will move quicker on the map, which is always a good thing.

Best Early Personal – Khunbish and Hoi Den make a great team for this spot.

Evermore Spell Works
If you use Evan or Tani in combat a lot then this place is a must have early for you. With this you can upgrade your spells and learn new spells as well. You will need it to progress in the story at one point as well.

Best Early Personal – Li Li’s passive helps her with Spellworks so she is a natural fit here. Persha and Gerel can help with research but even combined they don’t hold a candle to Li Li .

This is an interesting place that gives you a few different buffs. You can earn more money from killing enemies if you research the first skill here. Truthfully this place shouldn’t be a massive priority early game but build it for more Influence anyways.

Best Early Personal – Li Li can work here but shes better off at Spell Works. Use her and Persha if you are looking to get some research done.

Everyday General Store
Should be build as soon as you can afford it. HEre you can buy all sorts of items that can help you get an early game boost to crafting. On top of that you start off with a great General Store owner.

Best Early Personal – Gerel has a great passive for running the store early on.

Tastys Cookshop
You start off with a good cook so this is another one you can get going early to get some benefits out of. Floyd will have to level up some before he gets good recipes though.

Best Early Personal – Floyd has a good passive for cooking.

Mining Camp
This is another priority if you are planning on upgrading weapons and armor. Here you wioll get resources sent to your box every now and then. The big thing here is that you can get silver from the mine early game, and that is very rare.

Best Early Personal – Tani has a passive that boosts the productivity of mines.

Hunting Lodge
I wouldn’t call this one a huge priority but you do have a good character to run the place early on. Here you will get bones, furs, feathers and leather sent to you box every now and then.

Best Early Personal – Batu has a passive that makes him a great hunter.

Humble Bazaar
Another auto gather post that gets you cloth, thread, cotton, string and buttons. You can wait on this one until you get Persha, but then build it because of her passive.

Best Early Personal – Persha’s passive will boost the Bazaar’s productivity.

Fresh Fish Market
Not super useful until you get someone who can run it decently. Much like the others you will get fish delivered to your box if you have someone assigned here.

Best Early Personal – All of your starters will most likely be occupied so I’d leave this vacant until you get someone who can run it properly.

Budding Lumberyard
I’m sure you can guess what this one is for. Building this and placing a worker there will get you random pieces of wood sent to your box.

Best Early Personal – Niall and his passive will boost the lumberyard’s productivity.

Verdant Farm
Grain and vegetables will be grown here. One of your first recruits wants to build a great vegetable plot, and here is his chance.

Best Early Personal – Munokhoi will boost the productivity of the farm.

Sleepy Ranch
Cows and chickens moo and cluck. Seriously that is what it says in game. You will get milk and meat from having this operated by someone in your village.

Best Early Personal – Chingis and his passive will boost productivity here.

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