Octopath Traveler Side Quest Guide

Octopath Traveler Side Quest Guide
In Octopath Traveler, you will run into plenty of side quests and side activities to do. Some of these quests are easy to find while others are hidden or difficult to figure out. Check out this Octopath Traveler side quest guide and complete them all.

Octopath Traveler Side Quest Guide

We are doing these as we go along so check back for more updates. There are going to be multiple ways to do a lot of these quests due to path actions. If you find a different way then the one listed, leave a comment and we will add it.

Octopath Traveler Chapter 1 Side Quests

Riverlands Side Quests
Clearbrook is where you start if you pick Alfyn.

Meryl Lost Then Found – You can find this side quest in the graveyard in Clearbrook. Speak with Meryl and she will tell you about a Bottle with a note inside she found near the river. Using Alfyn, you need to Inquire with the man in front of the bar and you will get Meryl’s past. Return to Meryl and tell her what you found out, this will complete the quest.

For Want Of Fish – When you are entering, or leaving, Clearbrook there is a man on the dock who has a quest. He is having trouble catching fish and he isn’t sure why so you have to help. Right outside the town there is a man fishing with a net and stealing all the fish. You can’t do anything about it with Alfyn but if you beat him in a duel with Olberic he will leave. He is weak to Olberic’s Spear and is a three star challenge so be ready for a fight. I’d say he has around 1500 hp total, I hit him with some basic attacks and two specials worth about 650 each.

Kit The Traveler – When you leave Clearbrook for the first time there will be a hurt man right outside. Give him a healing grape and you will be rewarded with 1500.

Sweet Reunion – This one is outside of Clearbrook, on the road.

To get the old man to come with you, you will need Primrose in your party. I only had a 35% chance to allure him but it worked on my first try. Return the grandpa to Clearbrook and talk tot he child on the bridge to complete the quest.

Sunlands Side Quests
The Sunlands is where you start with Primrose.

Her Time To Shine – After you beat your former master, return to Sunshade and go into the Master’s building near the guard you can recruit. Talk to the woman inside and she will say she wishes for people to watch her dance. You will need Tressa in order to complete this quest. Go up past the inn and buy the dress from the woman at the top of the stairs. Give the dress to the dancer in blue and she will be happy and you will complete the quest.

Ria Born To Roam – At the top of the stairs in Sunshade you will find a man and woman near each other. The woman wants to leave but the man keeps pestering her. You might have to come back later for this one, Olberic needs to teach the man some manners. He is weak to the sword and is a four star rating. He will also try to toss sleep herbs at you to put you to sleep, but none of them worked on me.

The Bouncer – Inside the Tavern in Sunshade there is another quest giver. He will ask you to teach his bouncer a lesson. This is another mission that requires Olberic and for him to be at level 10. The Bouncer is right outside the tavern and is a 5 star challenge. He is weak to the spear and sometimes be to drunk to move. He isn’t a push over though, make sure you are well equipped. I beat him at level 15 with a Silver Spear but I had to use five healing grapes and got lucky with both my Thousand Spear attacks.

Highlands Side Quests
If you choose Olberic you start here.

Fertile Fields – Near the tavern in Cobblestone there is a farmer. He wants you to get him some manure so he can plant his seeds. To buy some Manure you need to have Tressa the merchant. There is a man in Cobblestone named Courageous Cowheard and with Tressa you can buy cow droppings from him. Buy them and return to the farmer to complete the quest.

Noelle Seeker Of Knowledge – Noelle can be found in Cobblestone and she wants you to find some ancient monuments for her. You will need to bring the quest giver with you so use Allure or Guide. You are bringing her to the Untouched Sanctum which is in the North Cobblestone Gap on the map. It is a cave that you can enter in the area. Near the end of the cave there is a stone table you can interact with, do that with the quest giver and you will complete the quest.

Never Forget – Near the edge of town there is another man who is looking for his lost love named Lorie. You need to get this during a chapter 2 town called Noblecourt. Therion has his chapter 2 there. Once there, there is a man with a feather cap up the stone stairs near the entrance. You can either steal the diary or buy it from him. I bought it because the steal option was a low percent.

Coastlands Side Quests
If you choose Tressa you start here.

Love Unrequited – Mathilda in Rippletide is sick of being proposed to over and over again. Tony down the street is the man she is talking about. Challenge him to a fight with Olberic but this time lose the fight. After you lose, a cut scene will happen and Mathilda and Tony get engaged. Tony is legit tough so losing to him isn’t that bad.

Le Mann Explorer Extrodinare – Le Mann on the docks of Rippletide is looking for help getting started on his adventures. Head off the docks and make sure you have Tressa with you. Trade with the merchant at the fruit stand and buy the adventure gear there. Return to Le Mann at the end of the dock and give him the gear to complete the quest.

Flatlands Side Quests
If you choose Cryus you start here.

Theracios Tuteledge – You can find Theracio in Atlasdam, near the entrance. He swears he has paid all his debts but he is still being hounded by moneylenders. The Moneylender is right next to Theracios and if you check out his details it will confirm his is shady. This is another one that I beat down with Olberic.

Fit For A King – You need Tressa for this one and all the ingredients can be bought in Atlasdam. I bought them all before I go the quest so I was able to turn it in right there.

City Of Gold – This one can be found in the Library in Atlasdam. You need to find the famed City Of Gold. I finally found this one and you need Alfyn to be around level 35 to use his Inquire on a certain person. Down in the south Sunlands is the town of Marsalim. In that town there is a man up some stairs and if you use Inquire on him he will give you the info on the City of Gold. Return to the quest giver to complete the quest.

The Prodigious Painting – Inside the castle in Atlasdam there is a person who is looking for a certain painting. Bring Tressa with you and head down to Saintsbridge, it is south west of Clearbrook. To the east of town there is a bridge that goes south and a man on the other side. Buy his painting, or steal it if you want and return to the quest giver. You can also allure or guide the quest giver to the painter himself. Thanks to GilsoK for the comment.

Frostlands Side Quests
If you choose Ophilia you start here.

Sir Miles Servant Of The Flame – Miles doesn’t believe that his father fled in battle and you have to help him prove it is not true. Head to the Cathedral in Flamegrace and talk to the man in the front pew. Use either Cyrus or Alfyn to get the info out of him and return to Miles with that info.

The Innocent Inmate – This didn’t pop up as a quest for me but there is a jail near the Cathedral in Flamegrace. The man needs a witness to prove he didn’t murder someone in the street. Use either Cyrus or Alfyn to inquire at the girl in the blue hat near the weapon shop and she will help you find out the truth. Return to the jail after and you will be rewarded.

The Slumbering Giant – You can find this quest in the Tavern in Flamegrace. The man is looking for a one of the legendary ice giants the should be in the Frostlands somewhere. Outside of the Tavern, on the left side, there is an old man looking out in the distance. Use Alfyn or Cyrus to get info about the Ice Giant. I am looking for the Ice Giant still. Thanks to Klebe3000 for the comment.

For the quest “The Slumbering Giant”, Jotun is in “hoarfrost grotto, in “western Flamesgrace Wilds”. Thanks to Michael Majdak for the comment.

Woodlands Side Quests
If you choose H’annit you start here.

Ashlan The Beastmaster 1 – Ashlan is in S’warki and is looking for info on the legendary Beast tamers. I had this when I got the quest so you need to use Cyrus or Alfyn to get the info. Inside the Tavern there is an old man who has the info you need.

Rite Of Passage – The young hunter in S’warki is talking about the Hunter’s Rites and you overhear him. He tells you that you are not a true hunter until you bag a Giant Boar. Head north out of the village and then go west find a man near a wooden fence. Use either Cyrus of Alfyn to get the info about the Giant Boar out of him. Tell the hunter back in S’warki what you have learned to complete the quest.

A Way Through The Woods – There is a woman in S’warki who needs an escort to Bolderfall to see her husband. Use Primrose or Ophelia to get her to follow you and then escort her to Bolderfall. I think you can fast travel there if you have the town unlocked but Bolderfall was my last stop. You can turn this in after you recruit Therion.

Cliftlands Side Quests
If you choose Therion you start here.

The Bandits Code – In Lower Bolderfall you will find a man who wants to get out of the thieve’s life. Head to Sunshade and talk to the woman at the table on the left side, the Faltering Youth. Use Guide or Allure on her and bring her back to Bolderfall.

Kaia Mother Of Dragons – When you enter Bolderfall you will see a girl who has a quest. She has lost her egg and she needs your help finding it. You will need Alfyn or Cyrus to complete this quest. Teleport to Clearbrook and head out the west exit. Take the bridge across the river and inquire with the woman on the other side. She will unlock a hidden item for you, head there and that is the egg. Return to Kaia in Bolderfall to complete the quest.

Sparks Of Revolution – You can get one in Bolderfall from the guard outside the large house, not the manor. He will talk about other guards taking weapons from people in lower Bolderfall. Using Therion, steal the weapons from the three Paupers down on the lower level of Bolderfall. Return to the guard and turn them all in to complete the quest.

Octopath Traveler Chapter 2 Side Quests

Victors Hollow Side Quests
Olberic’s Chapter 2 story mission takes place here.

Into Thin Air – A father in Victors Hollow has been searching for his daughter with no luck. Still working on this one. This is a very hard fight so be sure to bring your best team. The boss will confuse your team so be sure to bring something to heal or prevent that. The tricky part is that the main boss will knock one of your allies out of the fight so you are down a member. To get your ally back you need to break the defenses of the boss. Front line enemies are weak to the sword, the axe and wind. The boss will switch each time you break down his defenses. I still haven’t beat it yet but I am working on it. Thanks to Shion Yorigami for the comment.

Arena Impressions – A guard near the Tavern has a side quest as well. Talk to him and then use Cyrus of Alfyn on the woman to the left of him and get the info from her. Return to the guard and use Father and Fighter on him.

Ashlan The Beast Master 2 – You can find Ashlan again near the Arena gate and he wants the sword known as Snakesbane. Use Therion or Tressa to get the sword from the man right outside of the Arena gate. Return to Ashlan to complete the quest.

A Promising Venture – This is another quest found at the Arena gate. The woman near the gate wants to know the condition of two people in town. Use Cyrus or Alfyn and speak with Estadas and Mont D’or, two areana fighters and get their conditions. They are both in town but I had them before I got the quest so I had to turn it in right away.

Stillsnow Side Quests
Primrose’s Chapter 2 story mission takes place here.

Setting Out – A girl in front of the Tavern wants to leave town but can’t due to her fathers debt. Use Olberic or H’annit to beat some sense in the father inside the Tavern, he is easy to beast so don’t worry.

Sir Miles Servant Of The Flame 2 – Miles is in Stillsnow and he wants to have a fight to improve his skill. He is a four star challenge but you should be easily ready him at this point. He is weak to spears and once you beat him the quest is over.

Let There Be Warmth – An inventor in the Tavern asks you to collect some items for him. He needs Charcoal, Flax and a Handy Metal Container. Tressa or Therion are needed to get these items. Flax can be found on the woman near the west entrance of town. The Coal can be found on the man near the north entrance of town. Lastly, go to the man behind the snowman and get the Portable Pot and return to the quest giver.

Noblecourt Side Quests
Therions’s Chapter 2 story mission takes place here.

In Search Of Father 1 – Kit from earlier in the game makes another appearance in Noblecourt. The man you are looking for is also in Noblecourt and you need eithe Primrose or Ophelia to get him to come with you. Go to the east side of Noblecourt and below the bridge, near the graveyard, there is an aspiring actor. Bring him back to Kit and you will complete the quest.

The Gravekeepers Grief – Someone has been stealing from the graves in Noblecourt and the Gravekeeper wants your help to find them. There’s an old man in town who has an “old-people” friendly bow. You can buy it from him and give it to the gravekeeper. It’s expensive. – Thanks to George for the comment.

The Price Of Vengeance – Outside the Tavern in Noblecourt there is a guard who has a quest. He wants you to find the three men that betrayed him and teach them a lesson. You can use Olberic or H’annit for this one, Olberic works better. One of the crests can be found in Goldshore, on the beach. The second can be found in Atlasdam near the Tavern, the Crest Bearing Drunk has it. The last one is found in Duskbarrow. The Atlasdamn guy is weak to swords, the Goldshore guy is weak to spears and the Duskbarrow guy is weak to swords. My Olberic was level 45 and had no trouble beating all of them. Thanks to Drew Marsili (NitroFire90) for the help.

Theracio Tutelage 2 – Theracio can be found near a couple of kids and a guy in a feathered hat inside Noblecourt. He needs some materials to teach children students. Take the stairs up to the found and then go up to the large manor in the area. On the left side, behind some trees, there is a junk collector. Use Therion or Tressa to get the Tools for Learning from him. Return to Theracio with the materials and beat the quest.

Stonegard Side Quests
H’annit’s Chapter 2 story mission takes place here.

Lost In Translation – You can find this quest in Stonegard in one of the homes there. The woman here has a tome she cannot read because of the language so you have to help her find out what it says. For this one you need to go to the town of Rippletide. Here you need to guide or allure one of the townspeople back. The person you are looking for is the exotic grandma, she can read different languages. She is on the smaller dock near a kid. Return to Stonegard with her to complete the quest.

Noelle Seeker Of Knowledge 2 – Noelle is back and is looking for more ruins around Stonegard. Still working on this one.

A Royal Secret – A historian in the area is studying the Ventus empire and needs some more info on the subject. This one is found in a dungeon later in the game, you need Alfyn or Cyrus to get the info. Near Everhold there is a mini dungeon called the Tomb Of Kings, it is north west of the town. At the end there is a grave keeper who has the info you are looking for. You can warp out if you don’t want to talk all the way out. The Tomb itself is found in the Western Stonegard Pass.

Up To No Good – One of the merchants in town is having some issues with ruffians. The two Ruffians aren’t the ones you are looking to beat. Instead head back up and find the guy named Tobias near the item shop, he has a turban on.

You can Bring the amnesiac girl in Sunshade to one of the ruffians to solve it as well. Thanks to Victor Friederich for the comment.

Goldshore Side Quests
Alfyn’s Chapter 2 story mission takes place here.

Left Behind – There is a sailor in Goldshore who is looking for his missing captain. You can find his captain in Victors Hollow, allure him back to Goldshore. The man is found outside the tavern in Victors Hollow. Bring him back to complete the quest. The allure chance is low so you might want to save and load if you mess up to much.

Le Mann Explorer Extraordinaire 2 – Le Mann makes his second appearance in Goldshore. He has lost the will to adventure but is looking for help to get it back. Head back to Rippletide and bring Ophilia with you for the guide action. Find Harris in town and guide him back to Le Mann to complete the quest.

Scourge Of The Seas – A fisherman near here tells you about a creature lurking in the sea, if you take a boat he will come after you. He has the Leviathan Egg as well but it is hard to steal so purchase it with Tressa instead. To the west of Goldshore there is a cave and at the end of the cave there is a boss fight if you have the egg. This fight is pretty hard at level 35 but it is possible. Use Olberic as a tank and make sure you have Alfyn to take stun off him. As long as Olberic is tanking and isn’t dead you can win. The Levianthan’s weakness is the spear, bow, lightning, fire and wind. Focus on canceling his attacks and then deal with his allies.

Thinking about it now maybe you just have to use the egg in battle if you can. After you beat him you hand the egg over and the quest is won.

The Merchants Path – There is a merchant in town who is looking for a safer route for his business. Use Alfyn and right outside of Goldshore there is a man you can use Inquire on. He will inform you of a safer route, return to the quest giver and complete it.

Saintsbridge Side Quests
Ophilia’s Chapter 2 story mission takes place here.

Meryl Lost Then Found – Meryl makes her return in Saintsbridge and is in need of help. Face the guard next to her with either Obleric or H’annit. He is weak to axes, that’s the only weakness I found before he died. After you beat him down the quest will end.

The Worrywart – A young man on the bridge in town is worried about the water rising to fast. You will need the info about the ice thawing early to beat the quest. Make sure to bring Alfybn or Cyrus and head out the east exit of Saintsbridge and follow the path east until you can go south. Follow it down until you find an old man who gives you info about the ice thawing early. Return to the worrywart and give him this info to complete the quest.

The Pilgrims Plight – Go to the church in Saintsbridge and speak to the cleric there for this quest. Outside the east exit of town you will find a ruffian on the road. Use Olberic to beat him down and he will leave.

The Corpse With No Name – Outside of Saintsbridge, to the south east, you will find a man standing over a corpse. You are only given a clue that he has a mole on his hand and you have to find out who he is. Using the guide action, get the Restless Woman in Victors Hollow and return to the corpse.

Daughter Of The Dark God 2 – This is post game content I am pretty sure but you can find her again on the bridge of Saintsbridge. When you inquire Alphas after the woman leaves you will get his poem. Alphas is still looking for his perfect woman and I think the poem will be the key to it. Thanks to Shion Yorigami for the location of the quest.

Quarrycrest Side Quests
Tressa and Cyrus have Chapter 2 story missions takes place here.

The Weaver’s Predicament – A man here needs to figure out what he can use his Textiles for. I had the info for this but I’m not sure where I got it, looking around towns now to figure it out.

Steal or purchase Gendy’s Footcloth from the quest giver then go to Flamesgrace to the house near the path to the Cave of Origin. Talk to the girl name Shivering Townsperson and give the Gendy’s Footcloth to her. Thanks to Charlie Wu for the comment.

Kaia Mother Of Dragons 2 – Kaia makes another appearance in Quarrycrest and she is looking for a guy who knows about eggs. The Egg man is near the Tavern and the weapon shop, on the wooden ramp. Use Guide or Allure to bring him back to Kaia to complete the quest.

A Miner Dilemma – A miner in the upper section of town is having an issue. He keeps breaking his mining pick and he needs a way to keep it repaired. Head to Goldshore and in the upper area of town there is a man who has the Whetstone. You can steal or buy it, your call. Return to the miner to complete the quest.

Octopath Traveler Chapter 3 Side Quests

Wellspring Side Quests

In Search Of Sweets – A man in Wellspring is looking for the perfect sweetener and he is asking you to find it for him. Head up to Stillsnow and talk to the beet farmer there. You can either steal or trade for his beet item and then bring it back to the quest giver.

Shadow Over The Sand – A guard in town has gotten reports of a giant snake in the area. The beast is in the Quicksand Caves North and East of Wellspring. The cave itself is level 40 so don’t try until you are ready to take it on. The Snake Charmer is weak to the sword, lightning and wind and the Snake is weak to the spear, axe, light and ice. I focused on killing the Snake Charmer first because was a lot weaker. Once he is out of the way you can burn the snake down easier. Don’t underestimate the power of his sleep, keep your allies awake at all times.

Ria Born To Roam 2 – Ria makes her second appearance in Wellspring. Using Tressa or Therion you can find the man who stole her letter in this town. Near where the two guards and the old man are standing there is a young man with a cap on. Steal or buy the letter back from him and then return to Ria.

Grandport Side Quests

Le Mann Explorer Extraordinaire 3 – Le Mann makes another appearance in Grandport. He wants to board a ship but there are some thugs blocking the path. Use Olberic and take out the thug near the ship and Le Mann can go on board and you complete the quest.

An Exotic Aroma – A woman near the church in Grandport is feeling homesick and wants you to bring her back some flowers from there. You will need to use Tressa or Therion for this quest. Head to Sunshade and steal from the merchant above the inn, he has a flower you can take. Return to the quest giver to complete the quest.

Everhold Side Quests

Performance Art – For this one you will need the info of the Song of Sokrath. The song can be found in Atlasdam and you need either Cyrus or Alfyn to get it. Head to the palace area and in the area opposite of the library there is a manor. Outside the manor is a man in a feather cap and he has the info you need.

Star Of The Stage – The second quest in Everhold has you looking for a replacement fencer for the theater show. While I wouldn’t really consider Olberic a fencer, he is a great duelist. Beat the quest giver with Olberic and he will be invited to join him for the show and you will beat the quest.

You can also challenge with H’aanit which also completes the quest after a quite funny cut scene. Thanks to Victor Friederich for the comment.

Marasalim Side Quests

In Search Of The Unknown – Near the entrance of Marsalim you will find an old Aristocrat who is searching for something new.

Ria Born To Roam 3 – The last Ria quest can be found in Marasalim. For this one you need to use Cyrus or Alfyn and head to the Chieftain inside of the palace. He is on the second floor and is an old man. Return to Ria with his info and you will complete the quest.

Wispermill Side Quests

Theracios Tutelage 3 – You Find Theracio in Wispermill where he is having a breakdown over how he is failing in teaching the kids. Bring professor Bastete to him, you can Find her in Clearbrook near the graveyard. Thanks to Victor Friederich for the comment.

Tilting At Windmills – The old woman near the windmill is complaining about prices going up to use the mills. If you talk to the people in town you find out that the Mill owner likes to hang out in bars but there are none in town. Head to Sunshade and beat him down with Olberic.

I believe there is an inventor in Atlasdam that has a plans to make a more efficient windmill. You can guide him to the quest lady to complete the quest to. Thanks to Victor Friederich for the comment.

Scaredy Sheep – This guy is right outside of Wispermill, speak to him to get the quest. Down the road a bit more is a traveling merchant who has the info you are looking for, use Cyrus or Alfyn. He tells you about the Direwolf in the woods nearby and you have to kill it. This is around level 60 and I am not quite there yet but you can try it if you want.

Bolderfall Manor Side Quests
I might have just missed these but after I finished Therion’s chapter 4 quest I came back and found these.

Daughter Of The Dark God 1 – A guard in the manor of Bolderfall wants to get the attention of a woman near him. Turns out if you beat him down with Olberic then the woman will say something rather dark and then leave but you will beat the quest.

Heathcotes High Jinks – Heathcote near the manor has been threatened by a thief called Nighteye. The man you are looking for is found in Wispermill. In Wispermill there is an old man near the Windmill who speaks of the butler in Ravus. Guide him back to Heathcote to complete the quest. Thanks to Victor Friederich for the comment.

Duskbarrow Side Quests
I might have just missed these but after I finished Therion’s chapter 4 quest I came back and found these.

Looting Grave Robber – A trader in Duskbarrow wants some help dealing with a mercenary who is selling him trinkets.

A Cub With No Name – There is a child in town who is trying to train a baby tiger. Talk to his mother and she will be concerned about this. Go back to S’warkii and use Inquire on the people there to find out how to train a tiger. Return to the mother and give her the info to beat the quest.

Ashlan The Beastmaster 3 – Ashlan makes his final appearance here in Duskbarrow. He wants to go the ancient ruins outside of town.

Octopath Traveler Chapter 4 Side Quests

These are basically end game quests, they appear after you complete a certain characters chapter 4 quest. Big thanks to Balmung6 for the help during the post game quests.

Zeph and Mercedes 1
You can get this in Clearbrook after you beat Alfyn’s chapter 4. Go to Clearbrook and talk to Nina (Zeph’s little sister, Zeph won’t be blocking the door anymore), and she’ll mention that Zeph still thinks about Mercedes, the girl who moved out of town 8 years ago. She’ll say she doesn’t know where she went, but that she likes books, and wants you to give Mercedes the letter that Zeph wrote for her, but never sent (which is on his person, you’ll need to Steal/Purchase it.) If you go to the Royal Academy Library in Atlasdam, Mercedes is the head Librarian (the one who talks to Cyrus about the Archives in Chapter 1 of his story), and you give her the letter. Thanks to Balmung6 for the comment.
Zeph and Mercedes 2
This one can be found in Atlasdam after you complete the first part of the quest. Talk to Mercedes after completing the above quest, and you’ll find
you can Steal/Purchase a new item she mentioned in the ending of the previous quest: A letter she wrote for Zeph, but much like Zeph, never sent. Acquire the letter via Steal/Purchase and return to Clearbrook, and talk to Zeph, who will be standing outside his home, to give him the letter and complete the quest. Thanks to Balmung6 for the comment.
Arianna Again 1
You need to beat Primrose’s Chapter 4 for this and maybe H’annit’s Chapter 2. Go to Stillsnow and you’ll see Arianna (from Chapter 3 of Primrose’s story, and former Azelhart maid) wandering around, wondering what she’ll do for a job, wishing for someplace warmer, having grown to dislike the cold in more ways than one. Allure/Guide her to Stonegard and speak to Natalia (the woman fond of H’aanit’s master) who will be standing outside her house, and the quest will end with the mention of needing a coachman. Thanks to Balmung6 for the comment.

Arianna Again 2
Return to Stillsnow to find Owen (the rather curt coachman from Chapter 3 of Primrose’s story) near the snowman. Allure/Guide him to Stonegard and speak to Natalia again (now inside the house) and the quest will be completed. Thanks to Balmung6 for the comment.
Hello Again, Harald
Found in Riverford after beating Olberic’s Chapter 4. Talk to Reggie, on the west side of the main plaza. He’ll mention that Harald sold a necklace of his mother’s to help fund the town’s rebuilding, and that he wishes he could track it down. Travel to Wellspring and go to the Black Market building (the one with the rather tough armored guard out front) and Steal/Purchase the Memento from the one running the auction house. Return to Riverford to give the necklace to Reggie and trigger a cutscene that will finish the quest. Thanks to Balmung6 for the comment.

Again with Alaic
This one can be found after H’annit’s Chapter 4. Enter Victor’s Hollow to see Alaic talking with a merchant, who claims to have lost Susanna’s supplies, which she needs for her medicine. Guide/Allure Alaic and head to the northern part of Victor’s Hollow, then go West to exit into the Forest of No Return. Directly north should be the bandit leader. (Note, before you fight him, Steal from him – Not Purchase, as he’s got a good trinket and a very good dagger on him, and failing to Steal from him gives no penalty, as he’s not considered part of Victor’s Hollow due to being a Bandit). Defeat him and you’ll trigger a cutscene with Alaic, and finish the quest. Thanks to Balmung6 for the comment.

Back With Bale
This one is also after you beat Olberic’s Chapter 4. In Wellspring, talk to the Captain (the questgiver in the guardhouse) – he’ll mention not hearing from his old friend lately. Travel to Goldshire, enter the Cathedral, and Inquire/Scrutinize Bishop Donovan (the guy halfway down the aisle of pews) to learn why he’s been too busy to remain in touch lately. Return to Wellspring and talk to the Captain again to finish the quest.

This quest is particularly important because it rewards the Captain’s Badge, which, while equipped, boosts EXP gained by 50% for the entire party. Thanks to Balmung6 for the comment.

Ogens Epilogue
This is after you beat Alfyn’s Chapter 4 quest. While in Northreach for the first time (this can occur even while doing Therion’s Chapter 4 Story there) you’ll see Ogen wandering around, then disappear. Head to the northern part of town to see him standing before a grave, that of his wife, who he mentions likes a flower called Mind-me-always. Travel to Victor’s Hollow and look for a woman standing not too far from the Tavern, whose only possession is a Mind-me-always flower. Steal/Purchase it and return to Northreach to give Ogen the flower and finish the quest. Thanks to Balmung6 for the comment.

Revello and Odette
This is after Primrose’s Chapter 4 quest. Travel to Quarrycrest and go up to Odette’s house (the tome-knowledgeable colleague that Cyrus visits in Chapter 2 of his story) to see Revello standing outside her door. After a brief cutscene, Revello will disappear. Go inside Odette’s house and Inquire/Scrutinize to learn the information you need, then travel to Noblecourt, head to the East side of town, and speak to Revello (the former lieutenant of the guard from Chapter 3 of Primrose’s story) to give him the information and trigger another cutscene or two, finishing the quest. Thanks to Balmung6 for the comment.

Keeping Up With The Wyndhams
This one can be found after you complete Tressa’s Chapter 4 quest. Travel to Grandport to see Cordelia (the girl who hired Therion for the Dragonstones) standing on the bridge, wondering why she hasn’t heard from her friend Noa via letter for some time. Travel just outside Grandport to see a Brigand who, when spoken to, openly taunts about stealing letters, but doesn’t have any to Steal or Purchase – you have to Challenge/Provoke him to get the letter back. After you win, return to Cordelia for a cutscene and to finish the quest.

This quest rewards the Blessed Blazon, which gives +100 Physical Defense and +100 Elemental Defense, which I believe is the highest defense boost from a single trinket in the game. Thanks to Balmung6 for the comment.

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