How To Open Butters Parents Safe In South Park The Fractured But Whole

How To Open Butters Parents Safe In South Park The Fractured But Whole
Very early in the game you meet a strange safe puzzle. This guide will tell you How To Open Butters Parents Safe In South Park The Fractured But Whole so you can collect the rare and valuable rewards inside.

You can literally encounter Butters’ parents room in the first hour or two of play. At first you cannot do anything in the area but as you progress and get the firecracker ability, you can shoot the panel on the wall to reveal some wires. However, no fart or any amount of firecrackers will get you any further.

You need to unlock the Haywire Buddy Power. In order to do this you need to progress through the main story missions until you reach the 3rd day. On the 3rd day The Coon will call you to HQ to discuss his latest plan. To have New Kid infiltrate the Freedom Pals to get valuable information on the case they are working on.

The next mission has you meet with Professor Chaos at his house – this is the first time you get to enter Butters’ bedroom. Once you escape you have the Haywire ability. Simply nip into his parents room on the way out, use the Haywire ability on the wires and get the Wrestling Photo and Ring of Engorgement from inside.

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