Paper Mario Sticker Star Guide: Windmill Guide

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World 1-4 in Paper Mario Sticker Star is a little tricky. You need to get the windmill moving but there is no wind. This guide will help you burn through the level with no trouble at all! So let’s get started.

The Wind Will Come

Sticker Star Windmill
Paper Mario Stick Star World 1-4 Guide

The first thing you need to do in order to get past the windmill is turn the fan into a sticker. You should already have the fan since you needed to acquire it in order to get to this point. Head to Decalberg and go to the left of the shop. In the next area you can turn things into stickers. Turn the fan into a sticker. Make sure you have enough room it is a big sticker.

From there head back to 1-4 and go to the area next to the windmill. Go down the pipe there and follow it all the way to the end. You will pop out to a bunch of stickers and a crying Toad. You need to escort the Toad back to town. With him following you take the pipe back down. Go all the way to the end and don’t jump any enemies. If you jump them the Toad will get hit and run back to where you found him. Once you get out of the pipe head to the world map and bring him back to town. He will give you a code 4123.

Now head back to 4-1 and to the windmill. Enter the paper mode with Y. From there you can place the fan on the stump next to the windmill. After the cut scene enter the windmill. You will see four number blocks. You need to enter the 4123 code on the blocks for a pipe to appear. Head down that pipe to get the warp pipe top. Head back out of the pipe and out of the windmill.

Head down the steps and enter the pipe below you. Keep going until you can paste the pipe in. After that take the pipe down and follow the path until the boss drops. We have a guide for him on the site. After you beat him take the pipe up and grab the star to beat the level.

That will end the Paper Mario Sticker Star World 4-1 guide. Check back soon for more guides!

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  • Nick

    you said 4-1 not 1-4. I searched world 4-1 on google and i got this.

    • Ryan McBride

      Sorry Nick, what did you need help with on 4-1? Maybe we can help you still!

  • Blake

    what if you already got rid of your fan?

  • sailoryue

    where do you get the missing pipe scrap?

  • Guest

    where do you get the missing pipe scrap?

  • sailoryue

    when i get to the end of the area im in a cave, not where the toad is crying?

  • sailoryue

    when i get to the end of the area im in a cave, not where the toad is crying?