Persona 5 Confidant Guide – Kawakami

Persona 5 Confidant Guide - Kawakami
Kawakami is the Temperance Confidant you will get in Persona 5. She comes in during the month of June and offers some new abilities for you. Check out this Persona 5 Confidant Guide for Kawakami to max out the rank.

IMPORTANT: When speaking with any Confidant in Persona 5, when furthering the relationship is possible, you can receive a huge bonus if you have a matching Arcana Persona in your inventory. When speaking with Confidant Kawakami, make sure to bring a Persona in the Temperance Arcana.

Persona 5 Confidant Guide – Kawakami

Kawakami Interaction 1
After operation Maidwatch, you will be able to call Kawakami to come to your place at night from time to time, she will text you. You have to call her from the phone in Leblanc so your cell number is taken down. When she arrives your first responses is “It does” for two notes. The second responses is “absolutely not” even if you did have something else on your mind. This will get you two notes and you will get you second rank for the Temperance Arcana. There is a third and fourth responses don’t matter.


Kawakami Interaction 2
When you next request her she will offer you the cooking with a Maid package, it’s the same price so you take it. She just brings over some cup noodles but you still get to make responses.

Response 1 – A
Response 2 – Don’t matter
Response 3 – B

When it ends you will get a sense of why she is doing the maid job as well as teaching. When it ends she you will get Temperance rank 3 and she can make coffee and do laundry for you.

Kawakami Interaction 3
You might need to have her come over once for a hang out session to upgrade to the next Arcana level. You can give her Chocolate Truffles or Brand Name Perfume to increase the relationship. When she comes over the next time you will get some responses.

Response 1 – Doesn’t matter
Response 2 – A
Response 3 – C
Response 4 – Doesn’t matter

After that she reveals everything and you should get the next rank of Temperance.

Kawakami Interaction 4
This one was actually right after the last one for me. Despite the fact that she said forget about her, she texted me the next night.

Response 1 – A
Response 2 – C
Response 3 – Doesn’t matter
Response 4 – Doesn’t matter
Response 5 – Doesn’t matter

This will get you Temperance Rank 5 and now you will get to slack in other classes as well, sadly I got this during summer break.

Kawakami Interaction 5
Next time she comes over she will mention something about a special item on the menu for you.

Response 1 – B
Response 2 – A
Response 3 – Doesn’t matter.

This will get you rank 6 of the Temperance Arcana.

Kawakami Interaction 6
She says that she is sick this time but she will still come out for the 5000. Turns out she is actually in the hospital this time so you go visit her there.

Response 1 – C
Response 2 – C
Response 3 – Doesn’t matter

This will get you to Temperance Rank 7 and you get the skill Super Housekeeping. This will let Kawakami make tools and Curry for you so you can save time.

Kawakami Interaction 8
The next time you request her you should get another level to Temperance.

Response 1 – C
Response 2 – B
Response 3 – Doesn’t matter
Response 4 – Doesn’t matter
Response 5 – A
Response 6 – A

This will get you to Temperance level 8.

Kawakami Interaction 9
You have to complete her request in Momentos before you can request her again, she will text you after. Also if you want to date the teacher, this will be your chance.

Response 1 – A
Response 2 – Either
Response 3 – B
Response 4 – B
Response 5 – A is Casual and B is Romantic

Kawakami Interaction 10
After the last interaction she will eventually text you and want to hang out. This time you can’t mess up, you will get to rank 10 of Temperance no matter what here.

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