Persona 5 Confidant List

Persona 5 Confidant List
The Confidant system in Persona 5 if how you unlock Arcana Boosts for your Personas. Some will be handed to you as you progress but others are hidden in the game. Check out this Persona 5 Confidant List to find them all.

Persona 5 Confidant Locations

Can’t miss this one, it is given to you when you visit the Velvet room.

Rank 1 – Wild Talk and Arcana Burst – Let’s you capture Personas and get bonus EXP when fusing Persona

Rank 2 – Third Eye – Let’s you find hidden items with L1, they shine Yellow and can be broken. Normally vases, pots, boxes and things like that.

Rank 3 – Power Stock – One of the most important upgrades in my opinion, you can hold two more Personas.

This is from Morgana and you cannot miss it.

Rank 1 – Infiltration Tools – Let’s you craft tools like Lock picks and other battle items.

Rank 2 – Baton Pass – Morgana can now use Baton pass and receive the Baton.

Rank 3 – Follow Up – Gives Morgana a chance to strike when you don’t knock down or kill an enemy.

Another one you can’t miss, you get it from Ann when she joins up with your team .

Rank 1 – Baton Pass – She can give her extra turn to another team mate assuming they also have Baton Pass

Rank 2 – Girl Talk – When you fail a chat with a Persona, Ann can sometimes step in and reset it.

Rank 3 – Follow Up – Same as with Morgana, she can land a hit sometimes when you don’t knock down or kill an enemy.

This is from Ryuji and you get it pretty early.

Rank 2 – Baton Pass – At Rank 2 Ryuji can also use Baton pass and pass off an extra turn he gets from a knock down to a team mate who also has Baton Pass.

Rank 3 – Follow Up – Chance to attack if Joker doesn’t knock down the enemy.

Rank 4 – Punk Talk – If you fail at negotiating with Persona, Ryuji can sometimes step in and give you a retry.

This is from the Clinic near Leblanc, after you buy items from her the first time. When you return, ask her about her secret medicine and tell her you need it until she tells you she is looking for help. Agree to help her and drink her potion to get the Death Arcana from her.

Rank 1 – Rejuvenation – She will have more items for sale at her Clinic.

Rank 2 – Nothing.

Rank 3 – Sterilization – More items for sale at the Clinic.

This is from Sojiro in the Cafe, you will get this when you start to get your free time. He will offer to teach you how to make coffee if you help him out around the shop.

Rank 1 – Nothing

Rank 2 – Coffee Basics – This will allow you to make some basic coffee that will restore some of your SP.

Twin Wardens
This is one you get as you progress in the story, they are the Strength Arcana.

Rank 1 – Group Guillotine – Allows fusing of three Personas at once.

Rank 2 – Nothing.

Rank 3 – Lockdown – You can leave a Persona in lockdown and it will gain resistances to certain elements or even other special moves. Be careful though, if you leave them to long they will perish.

Mishima is the Moon Arcana and he will unlock as you progress in the story.

Rank 1 – Mishima’s Support – This allows members not on the team to gain experience even when they aren’t fighting. This is a a pretty big deal and you get it early enough that your team will always be getting Exp.

Rank 2 – Nothing.

Rank 3 – Mishima’s Enthusiasm – Gain more EXP from battles.

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