Pokemon Let’s Go How To Catch Pokemon

Pokemon Let's Go How To Catch Pokemon
Catching Pokemon the right way is a huge benefit in Let’s Go. This Pokemon Let’s Go How To Catch Pokemon guide will walk you through all the different mechanics you need to master in order to make the perfect Pokemon catch, rise through the level ranks and net the most powerful Pokemon.

Unlike past Pokemon games, Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu focus primarily on the catching of Pokemon, not so much the battling. Catching Pokemon rewards you with more Experience Points than fighting trainers and it’s also the best way to buff out your Pokedex. Check out our tips below for the best methods on How To Catch Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s Go.

Sit Comfortably & Aim True
This is the single most important aspect. When you are in an encounter with a Wild Pokemon, you have several options. The option you will most often use is “Get Ready”. Once you hit that button, the game takes the position of your Joycon as its default position. So if you’re hands are slanted or the Joycon isn’t facing straight, it will be much harder. The best way to catch Pokemon accurately is to position the Joycon a short distance in front of you, arm bent, and pointing up. From there, simply stretch your aim out in a forward motion. It takes a few tries but after a couple of practice throws, you’ll be hitting the spot every time.

Nice, Great, Excellent
You get a lot of bonus experience points and level much faster if you catch a Pokemon on the first throw and with an Excellent catch, especially if they have an aura or are huge. In order to make an Excellent throw, you need to throw your Pokeball as the circle around the Pokemon shrinks. The smaller the better but too late, and you won’t get a bonus at all.

Green Means Go
When you are targeting a Pokemon, you will notice a shrinking circle around it. There are three colors. Green, Orange and Red. Green means there’s a high chance you will catch the Pokemon, especially with a Great+ throw. Orange means it may escape, even an Excellent throw, Red means it will likely escape. You can turn the tide in your favor by using a better Pokeball, using a Berry to calm the Pokemon down or throwing an Excellent.

If you continue to catch the same Pokemon species consecutively, you increase your Catch Combo. This provides big bonuses to Experience Points after a while and is also a great way of encouraging rare Pokemon to spawn in the area, such as Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur.

Nail these tricks and you’ll be teaching your friends how to catch Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s Go in no time.

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