Pokemon Masters Training Area Guide

Pokemon Masters Training Area Guide
The Training Area unlocks after the end of Chapter 2 and offers tons of goodies. This Pokemon Masters Training Area Guide walks you through the basics of the Training Area feature including details on each individual field of training, the potential rewards, and the benefits of limited time events.

Once the Training Area is unlocked you have access to entirely new challenges and rewards. Each Training Area is unique in regards to the fights and the rewards they have to offer. Carefully choosing where to invest your time, depending on your Pokemon roles, is a key part of making a strong Sync Pair team.

Pokemon Masters Training Area Guide

Each section of the Training Area is unique but they do share similarities. For example, if you complete the Level-Up Course Training Area, you will unlock a Hard version of that Area. Each section of the Training Area features the same progression, with higher difficulties offering a greater challenge and greater rewards.

Level-Up Course
The Level-Up Course is easily the best way to level up your Sync Pairs currently available. A single battle on Hard nets you 180 Experience Points, enough for at least a level per fight even in the high 20s. It’s a little lackluster in regards to other rewards but you do receive Manuals, further increasing the XP gained each match, the best way to level up fast.

Strike Course
The Strike Course offers low Experience Points but much greater item rewards in regards to Strike Role Pokemon. This is where you obtain Buff drinks that unlock new moves for Strike Pokemon.

Tech Course
The Tech Course is the same as the Strike Course except it provides the Tonics required to teach Tech Pokemon new moves.

Support Course
As with the Tech and Strike Courses, the Support Course offers rewards specifically used to improve Support Pokemon, Ades.

Limited Event Courses
These vary greatly but so far, they have all been improved versions of other courses, such as Super Courses. These are usually limited to 3 times, but offer far greater rewards than their normal counterparts.

That wraps up our Pokemon Masters Training Area Guide. If you have any questions, post a comment below.

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