Pokemon Quest Expedition Bonus Guide

Pokemon Quest Expedition Bonus Guide
Pokemon Quest has a unique and rewarding Expedition Bonus system but how does it work? How do you fill it up? This Pokemon Quest Expedition Bonus Guide will answer all of your questions as a basic introduction to the Expedition Bonus feature in Pokemon Quest.

Expedition are the main gameplay mechanic of Pokemon Quest. You choose a team of 3 Pokemon and fight against wild Pokemon and challenging boss battles. As you continue to complete Expedition’s you will notice that your Expedition Bonus meter in the upper left of the screen begins to accumulate towards the final square.

In total you need to complete 12 Expedition’s to activate the Expedition Bonus. The Expedition Bonus is automatically applied once you have reach the threshold, which activates a highly valuable buff for your next encounter.

Once your Expedition Bonus is maxed out, your next Expedition is guaranteed to drop a high quality Power Stone. While these are typically Power Stones that have Health and Attack, with other beneficial effects, you can also receive powerful Move Stones.

The buff only lasts for a single Expedition and then the Expedition Bonus is reset. If you fail the mission, the bar is also reset. The stronger the enemy you fight, the greater chance for greater rewards. When possible, always use your Expedition Bonus fighting the highest rated boss you can beat.

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