Pokemon Quest How To Get Shiny Pokemon

Pokemon Quest How To Get Shiny Pokemon
Shiny Pokemon make an epic return in Pokemon Quest but how do you get them and how do you tell if they are shiny? This Pokemon Quest How To Get Shiny Pokemon guide will explain the very basic and predictable method in which you get shiny Pokemon and also tell you how to tell them apart from regular versions of the Pokemon.

Shiny Pokemon are the same as their non-shiny counterparts with one exception, they are a different color. Sometimes it’s an entirely different color across the body, other times it’a subtle color change in a single area. Sadly there’s no trick to catching shiny Pokemon quickly but you can look to see if you have any.

Every time you make one of the many recipes in Pokemon Quest, there’s a small chance a shiny Pokemon will come to your camp. You can slightly increase your chances of getting a shiny version of a Pokemon you like by using the recipe for each Pokemon. Just as normal, when a recipe is complete Pokemon will join your camp. Most will not be shiny but sometimes you will get one.

How to tell if a Pokemon is shiny? If you’re a veteran of the first generation, you will easily notice the color difference. However, if you’re not as experienced with the original 150 Pokemon, Pokemon Quest has another method of telling whether or not a Pokemon is shiny.

Go to your Edit Team scree in Pokemon Quest. Click a Pokemon. In the upper right you will see the Pokemon’s portrait, name, level, stats, type and placement. The placement option is a small black and orange icon that represents whether or not the Pokemon is a range or melee type. Directly below this icon is a blank space. If it’s blank, it’s just a normal Pokemon. However, if there is a small white start directly below the black and orange icon, that means this Pokemon is a shiny. There is also a challenge that you complete the first time you catch a shiny Pokemon.

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