Pokemon Quest Power Stone Move Stone Guide

Pokemon Quest Power Stone Move Stone Guide
Move Stones are powerful Power Stones that you can aid to your Pokemons attacks. This Pokemon Quest Power Stone Move Stone Guide will introduce you to the basics of the Move Stones including details on the currently available Move Stone Power Stones and what effects they have on abilities.

Alongside the normal Power Stones that increase health and attack, you can also find special Move Stones. These stones can be equipped to various attacks that your Pokemon may have. When viewing a Pokemon’s attack, you can see the potential Move Stones it can use.

The Move Stones have various effects but almost all of them can be a huge advantage for your abilities. Check out the list below for the Move Stones we’ve discovered so far, including what effects they have.

Pokemon Quest Power Stone Move Stone Guide

Whack-Whack Stone (Orange)
This is a great stone. While it does make your abilities recharge slower, it lets the ability it is assigned to activate twice for the price of one. Incredibly useful on hard hitting skills with multiple attacks.

Number Of Move Repetitions: +1
Move Wait Time (%): +50

Wait Less Stone (Yellow)
Reduces the wait time before a move recharges. Works especially well if combined with long cooldown moves or the Whack-Whack Stone.

Move Wait Time (%): -5.0

Broadburst Stone (Purple)
Increases the width of beam and range type attacks. Works really well with Lapras and other Pokemon that fire single projectiles from range.

Attack Width: +1

Scattershot Stone (Pink)
Increases the number of projectiles fired by +1. Useful on barrage attacks and others that launch multiple projectiles.

Move’s Number Of Shots: +1
Moves ATK (%): -15

Sharing Stone (Blue)
Place this on abilities with a positive effect to impart some of that effect on allies. Does not work on healing skills.

Effects For Buddies (%): 25

Stay Strong Stone (Green)
Only really useful if you have a Pokemon that uses a buff on a very regular basis.

Positive effect duration (%): +25
Negative Effect Duration (%): +25

That’s all of the Move Stones in Pokemon Quest.

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