Pokemon Quest Special Recipes Guide

Pokemon Quest Special Recipes Guide
So you’ve learned all the basic recipes but did you know about Special Recipes? This Pokemon Quest Special Recipes Guide will tell you how to make the Special version of each recipe to attract rarer and more powerful Pokemon.

When you create a recipe in Pokemon Quest, there are two additional variables outside of the ingredients. Firstly there is the quality of the cooking pot. As you progress you will unlock higher quality pots. These pots require more ingredients but will drastically increase the level of the Pokemon you attract. The Silver Pot, for example, will attract Pokemon in the 30-60 level range. Secondly, and more importantly, is the combination of the ingredients.

For example, 2x Fossils, 2x Big Roots and 1x Icy Stone will create a Light As Air recipe which attracts flying Pokemon. However, 3x Icy Rocks and 2x Big Roots will also make a Light As Air recipe but at a Special quality. Special quality foods increase the level of the Pokemon you attract and can also attract much rarer Pokemon. Below is a list of all the recipes in Pokemon Quest including information on the highest available recipe quality we’ve discovered.

Pokemon Quest Cooking Special Recipes Guide

Get Swole Special Recipe (Fighting Pokemon)

  • 1x Bluk Berries, 2x Honey, 1x Tiny Mushroom, 1 Balm Mushroom (Very Good)

Watt A Risotto (Electric Pokemon)

  • 3x Honey, 1x Big Root, 1x Icy Rock

Light As Air (Flying Pokemon)

  • 3x Icy Rocks, 2x Big Roots

Hot Pot (Fire Pokemon)

  • 3x Balm Mushroom, 2x Big Root

Sludge Soup (Poison Pokemon)

  • 3x Balm Mushroom, 1x Tiny Mushroom, 1x Rainbow Matter

Plain Crepe (Normal Pokemon)

  • 3x Honey, 2x Balm Mushrooms

Honey Nectar (Bug Pokemon)

  • 3x Honey, 1x Bluk Berry, 1x Rainbow Matter

Stone Soup (Rock Pokemon)

  • 3x Icy Rocks, 1x Fossil, 1x Rainbow Matter

Brain Food (Psychic Pokemon)

  • 1x Bluk Berry, 1x Apricorn, 1x Icy Rock, 2x Honey (Very Good)

Veggie Smoothie (Grass Pokemon)

  • 3x Big Roots, 2x Apricorns

Gray Porridge (Grey Pokemon)

  • 4x Balm, 1x Big Root

Yellow Curry (Yellow Pokemon)

  • 4x Honey, 1x Big Root

Blue Soda (Blue Pokemon)

  • 5x Icy Rocks

Red Stew (Red Pokemon)

  • 5x Big Roots

Mud Pie (Ground Pokemon)

  • 3x Big Roots, 2x Icy Rocks

Mouth-Watering Dip (Water Pokemon)

  • 1x Icy Rock, 2x Berries, 2x Honey (Very Good)

Ambrosia of Legends

  • 5x Mystic Shells for Mewtwo
  • 4 Mystic Shells and any other ingredient for a chance to attract Legendary Pokemon.

We are updating this as we go so check back soon for more Pokemon Quest updates. We are only missing a single recipe but there is still a final ingredient we’ve yet to obtain.

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