Pokemon Sun And Moon Shady House Quiz Guide

Pokemon Sun And Moon Shady House Quiz Guide
While you are on Ula’ula Island, you will run into place called the Shady House. Here you will have to figure out a quiz in order to gain access to the upstairs room. Check out this Pokemon Sun And Moon Shady House Quiz Guide to find all the clues and ace the quiz!

Pokemon Sun And Moon Shady House Quiz

The Shady House is a bit tricky and full of enemies to face. When you get to the second floor, a door is blocked and you need the password to enter. Clue number one is on the first floor, in the back most room on the left. There is a piece of paper there you can check to get the clue. For me the clue was “beat up”. Now take the door that leads under the stair case and go across to the other side. There is a piece of paper in the kitchen there that has the next clue. This one is important because it has two clues, this is where I first got stumped. The first clue is the Password, Tapu Cocoa for me, and the next part said “No!” as well. I ignored the “no” thinking it wasn’t important, it is. Remember if that last part says yes or no because you will need it at the door. You can find the third piece of paper on the second floor, last door on the left.

So for me it was, Beat Up, Tapu Cocoa, No and Golisopod for the password. This might change for you, it could be different between versions, I don’t know. I do know that the paper locations don’t change. Talk to the guy at the door and answer all parts and he will ask if you are sure. This is where I had to put No! from one of the pieces of paper. It took me a couple attempts to figure that one out.

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