Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle Of Armor Cram-O-Matic Guide

Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle Of Armor Cram-O-Matic Guide
The Cram-O-Matic in Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle Of Armor, can combine four items into something new. Check out this Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle Of Armor Cram-O-Matic guide to figure out what all you can make. Some of these items can be very helpful to you down the line.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle Of Armor Cram-O-Matic Guide

You can just combine items all willy nilly and hope for the best if you want. You can also speak to the kid and give him 100 Watts for recipes. Problem is, you don’t save the recipe unless you actually write it down yourself. Luckily for you, we are writing them down as we get them so you don’t have to. You can get different kinds of Pokeballs, Pokemon Moves, items, wish pieces, and other cool things that will make your adventure much easier. Plus you probably have a ton of stuff in your inventory you don’t ever plan on using anyways.

Recipe NameItem OneItem TwoItem ThreeItem Four
Wishing PieceStrawberry sweetEnigma berryRoseli BerrySunstone
EvertsoneStar PieceSafety GogglesEXP Candy SLeek
Muscle BandChople berryEXP. Candy XLMuscle FeatherBold Mint
Wishing Piece (second recipe)Rocky HelmetAspear BerryMarange BerryLiechi Berry
Wishing Piece (Third Recipe)Dubious DiskPersim BerryAbsorb BulbColbur Berry
ProtectorRocky HelmetZoom LensBinding BandFocus Sash
Blunder PolicyLansat BerryPearl StringEverstoneSharp Beak
Wishing Piece (Fourth Recipe)Razor ClawEXP. Candy XLFire StoneMago Berry
ProtectorRocky HelmetNuggetChoice ScarfJar Of Pure Incense
Prism ScaleThroat SprayRibbon SweetStar PieceLansat Berry
Metal PowderSoothe BellZincEXP Candy XSAdamant Mint
Wishing Piece (Fifth Recipe)SachetChople BerryZoom LensCheri Berry
Macho BracePower AnkletPoison BarbSticky BarbTimid Mint
Star PieceZoom LensTimid MintGrepa berryEject Pack
Absorb BulbTart AppleQuiet MintPower AnkletRoom Service Voucher
Electric SeedPeacha BerryIapapa BerryJaboca BerryRowap Berry
Scope LensZoom LensTart AppleSpell TagDawn Stone
Big MushroomStardustTerrain ExtenderToxic OrbFull Incense
Big Mushroom (Second Recipe)Life OrbOcca BerryCustap BerryRindo Berry
Balm MushroomWide LensRoseli BerryFossilized FishRocky Helmet
Scope LensBlack GlassesWhipped DreamMacho BraceMild Mint
Room Service VoucherStrawberry SweetAbsorb BulbApicot BerryHeavy-Duty Boots
Room Service Voucher (Second Recipe)Roseli BerryZoom LensWishing PieceNaughty Mint
Bag Of Metal PowderBabiri BerryWacan BerryLeppa BerryBerry Sweet
SachetFlower SweetQualot BerryThunder StoneNugget
Balm MushroomReaper ClothSafety GogglesAbsorb BulbUtility Umbrella
Star PieceOdd IncensePower AnkletMild MintTwisted Spoon
Shell BellShell BellSafety GogglesBlack SludgeHaban Berry
White HerbTiny MushroomFossilized FishQuiet MintFossilized Dino
Terrain ExtenderSoft SandRed CardCharcoalGalarica Cuff
Mystic WaterPearl StringBig PearlArmorite OreFocus Sash
Rocky HelmetSmooth RockMild MintAdamant MintStrawberry Sweet
Smoke BallGalarica CuffPsychic SeedExpert BeltZinc
Grassy SeedRose IncenseKebia BerryFire StoneHondew Berry

And the list of TRs you can get are here.

TR NameItem OneItem TwoItem ThreeItem Four
TR 61 (Bug Buzz)Grip ClawFossilized BirdPower WeightMetronome
TR 50 (Leaf Blade)Lax MintFire StoneFossilized DrakePoison Barb
TR 82 (Stored Power)Dawn StoneToxic OrbGrassy SeedSoothe Bell
TR 21 (Reversal)Armorite OreDragon FangJaboca BerryLonely Mint
TR 54 (Toxic Spikes)Black SludgePower BandBold MintFloat Stone
TR 46 (Iron Defense)Babiri BerryLax MintRawst BerryShuca Berry
TR 87 (Drill Run)Cracked PotSharp BeakLiechi BerryJolly Mint
TR 69 (Zen Headbutt)Destiny KnotImpish MintRibbon SweetBrave Mint
TR 14 (Metronome)Chilan BerryHaban BerryWacan BerryNugget
TR 44 (Cosmic Power)Choice SpecsSmooth RockHeat RockApicot berry
TR 77 (Grass Knot)LeekCell BatteryEject PackHaban Berry
TR 52 (Gyro Ball)Metal CoatPower AnkletMetronomeWhite Herb
TR 91 (Venom Drench)Max RepelBinding BandBalm MushroomFigy berry
TR 40 (Skill Swap)Pure IncenseHasty MintPomeg berryJolly Mint
TR 98 (Liquidation)Prism ScaleToxic OrbGanlon BerryPower Herb
TR 80 (Electro Ball)Electric seedWhite HerbWiki BerryTanga berry
TR 26 (Endure)Safety GogglesShuca BerryJar Of HoneyIron Ball
TR 48 (Bulk Up)Power BracerSweet AppleEXP Candy XSAspear Berry
TR 01 (Body Slam)UpgradeAdamant MintSilver PowderLonely Mint
TR 77 (Grass Knot)Jolly MintBlack SludgeMoon StoneAir Balloon
TR 56 (Aura Sphere)ProteinRelaxed MintGalarica TwigStirus Berry
TR 16 (Waterfall)Big PearlKee BerryWhipped DreamQuiet Mint
TR 82 (Stored Power)EXP Candy MSachetShell BellThunder Stone
TR 59 (Seed Bomb)Rose IncenseAdamant MintPure IncenseStarf Berry

We are updating this as we go so check back soon for updates and be sure to check for more Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle Of Armor guides.

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