Pokemon Sword & Shield Wild Area Guide

Pokemon Sword & Shield Wild Area Guide
The Wild Area holds tons of cool secrets and fantastic things to find. This Pokemon Sword & Shield Wild Area Guide covers many aspects of the Wild Area in Sword and Shield including interacting with NPC’s, finding powerful Pokemon, Den battles, W (watts) and more.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Wild Area Guide

You will visit the Wild Area a lot during your adventure. It’s one of the best places to catch new Pokemon, it has some of the strongest wild Pokemon you can find, is a great source of farming the W currency (how to get Watts), and is home to some huge Den Max Raid battles against massive Pokemon.

Wild Area Pokemon Guide
You can find Pokemon in the Wild Area in long grass, roaming around freely and inside the dens. The Pokemon that are available depend on a number of factors. Your location in the Wild Area, the weather and sometimes, your progress in the story.

There are also two special types of Pokemon here, Max Raid Battles and Very Strong Pokemon. Raid battles can be found by inspecting the small rocky outcrops scattered throughout. Very Strong Pokemon are Pokemon 5-10+ levels higher than other Pokemon in the area. They offer a lot of Experience Points if you take them down, and they can be caught later once you have the appropriate number of gym badges to catch a Pokemon of that level.

Wild Area NPC’s
There are tons of characters scattered throughout the Wild Area. Some will trade you Watts for special items, others will offer to fight. Speak with everyone you meet. A character you fight today, can come back bigger and stronger with better Pokemon tomorrow. There’s also ways to customize your bike, do racing events, and other exciting activities related to NPC’s.

Wild Area Locations
There are several districts within the Wild Area. Each district has its own level cap of Pokemon, it’s own den spawns, it’s own weather system. As you progress deeper into the game you will get the option of exploring more and more of the Wild Area.

Berry Trees
These are great for cooking. There’s a lot of Berry Trees in the Wild Area. Interact with one and shake it. Be careful though, Pokemon can fall out of the trees. It’s a gambling mechanic. The more you shake the tree, the more berries that appear on the floor. But if you get too greedy and a Pokemon falls from the tree, you will lose all the berries on the floor.

Getting W (Watts)
Interacting with Den entrances, even those without the beams, give you Watts. Pokemon with yellow auras also give you Watts and finally, you can race with certain NPC’s to get more.

There are many different types of weather. The weather directly effects what kind of Pokemon will spawn. For example, during a storm, more Electric Pokemon will appear across the entire Wild Area. Here’s a few of the weather systems we’ve discovered so far.

  • Sunny (It will say the Sun is Harsh at the start of battles)
  • Normal
  • Rain (It will be raining in and outside of battles)
  • Storm (Rain and electric on the floor during battles)
  • Hail (Hail will rain down at the start of battle and each turn)

Hopefully our Pokemon Sword & Shield Wild Area Guide answered some of your questions. If you have any more, post a comment below.

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