Pokemon X & Y Guide: Catching Mewtwo Guide

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Mewtwo is one of the Legendary Pokemon you can catch in X & Y. He cannot be caught until after you beat the Elite Four so don’t bother until then. This guide will help you find him and catch him. Let’s get started.

Catching Mewtwo

Mega Mewtwo

Pokemon X & Y Catching Mewtwo Guide

First thing you should do before going after Mewtwo is to get plenty of healing items and various types of Poke balls. I would recommend your Master ball if you haven’t used it yet, if you have we have a solution for you as well.

First thing you will want to do it to head to Pokemon village which is below Snowbelle village. Go to the river in the area and use surf to go up and find a cave. Inside that cave you can find Mewtwo just waiting for you, save the game and activate your Capture Power from your O Power list. Mewtwo is lvl 70 and he is a psychic Pokemon.

Bring a Pokemon higher than lvl 70 and isn’t weak to psychic moves because he can hit hard. Mewtwo has a self heal that can heal about 50% of his max hp so even when you get him low he will heal back up. My battle went on for about 15 turns and I used 10 Ultra balls while he was in red hp and I finally caught him. If the battle goes on for a really long time you should try to use a Timer ball which gets stronger as the battle goes on. Mewtwo will come with his mega evolution stone so you can mega evolve him right away.

That will end the Pokemon X & Y Catching Mewtwo Guide, check back soon for more Pokemon guides!