How To Power Level In Dragon Ball Xenoverse With A Friend

How To Power Level In Dragon Ball Xenoverse With A Friend
Power leveling in Dragon Ball Xenoverse is actually very simple if you have the right method. You will either need a high level friend or you need to have beaten the game yourself. This Guide will teach you how to power level you charters in Dragon Ball Xenoverse!

How To Power Level In Dragon Ball Xenoverse

As stated above this is best done with a high level friend unless you have beaten the game. Once your friend has beaten the game they can then access the level 7 Parallel Quests that will net the most EXP in the game. Great thing about these quests if you can be invited from the lobby even if you don’t have them unlocked yet! I recommend doing Saiyan revolt, Saiyan Warriors or The Great Ape festival. The Great ape mission is very fast and will net you a ton of EXP but most people don’t have it unlocked yet. When you play at this level be sure to bring character you can take a hit with and some healing items!

Now if you want to do this method solo you will need to do it after you beat the game. By the time you beat the game with your first character you will be able to handle the 7 star missions with that character easily. Start a new character and go to the Parallel Quest area and select 7 star quest difficult. Even at level one, if you have beat the game, you can select 7 star quest difficulty. Most people don’t use the level settings when creating missions so you can join no problem. If you have a level 7 mission like The Great Ape carnival you can actually host it and people can join. I used Broly at level 1 to survive and went from 1-15 in a single mission. Any of the higher end characters will be find for level 1 just be sure to bring healing items. This method is great for leveling each race up so you can try the different skills and combos!

If you know a method to power level in Dragon Ball Xenoverse be sure to leave a comment down below!

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