Prey Fabrication Plan Location Guide

Prey Frabication Plan Location Guide
In Prey you have a crafting system called Fabrication. In order to Fabrivate a new item you first have to find the plan that goes to that item. Check out this Prey Fabrication Plan Location Guide to find them all.

Prey Fabrication Plan Locations

Neuromod Division

Huntress Boltcaster – You need to having Hacking level 1 in order to access this Plan. In the room where you are told you can choose how you want to play, there is a damaged computer that can’t be access except by hacking it. This is the room right before you get the Gloo Cannon. Hack the computer and go to files there. Transfer the file and you will unlock the Huntress Boltcaster.

Psi Hypno – This one is locked in a safe in the Debriefing Room. The Debriefing room is close to your apartment. The safe code is 5150, open it up and you will get the plan.

Neuromod – This one is hard to get to but you can do it with the right equipment. First you need to gain access to the Volunteer Quarters. To do this go to the area with your office and check the first office near the stairs. There is an email with a message one it that gives you the code to the Volunteer Quarters which is back in the Neuromod Division. Go thee and it is on the second floor. If you can repair the Grav Elevator you can just take that, if not you are going to need to make a path with your Gloo Cannon.

Across from the security station there is a ledge that you can climb up. Go to the end of that and make a bridge with your Gloo on the wall up to the second floor. When you are up there you can head into the Volunteer area and start this madness. It is pitch black in there and you need to get through to the shower area. Use your flashlight and once you are in the shower area there is a hatch in the back you can enter. Here you can turn the power on and the lights will turn on as well. Go back out and use the Gloo to go the doorway on the right, the door back there will open now that power is restored.

Now you will face a creature you might not have faced before. It can stealth but you can still Gloo is and stop its movements. You can skip the creature by just running pat and entering the security station next to the entrance of this area if you want. If not kill it with 6-8 Shotgun shells and collect your loot. In the security room there is a access panel you need to go into. Jump up the ledge inside, it looks to high to make but you can if you jump off the cooling unit. This will lead you to Fabrication, and a very strong monster you need to kill.

Inside this first room are tow things, turrets and Recycler Charges. The Charges are what you will use to defeat the creature so pick them all up. The turrets need to be left inside because this creature will take them over if you deploy them and it is close. Bust out of that room by breaking the class and go around the corner to a Grav elevator. Take it down and enter the room on your left. Take anything you need from here and then exit out the other side. Follow the hallway down until you reach a corpse and pick up the charge of it as well. In the next room you will face the creature. Toss the charges one at a time at it to bring it down to around a quarter HP and to destroy the turrets it is controlling. From there shotgun the eye for Crit Damage and kill it. When it is done loot it and then look for the corpse inside that room.

Loot the corpse for his key card and then go back up the Grav Shaft. Enter the office and inside you will find the Neuromod Plan on the table with the creature pictures on it.

Talos 1

Wrench – Automatically unlocked when you access the Fabricator.

Gloo Canister – In your safe in your Office when you finally get there.

Shotgun Shells – In the safe in the Security room. If you don’t have the key card, use the yellow pipe outside the Security room to get inside. The safe code is 0526.

Medkit – This is found in the Trauma Center and the key card is in the Offices. Kill the enemies in the area and you can find it on one of the tables near all the explosive containers.

9mm Ammo – You can find this plan near the Pistol in the Teleconferencing Center. The key card for this one is found in the offices. Just enter the room and you will see it right on the floor there.

Hardware Labs

Weapon Kit – You need level 3 leverage in order to get this. Head over to the Machine Shop and look for the Storage room. If you turn around from the Storage room door you will see a blockade of cargo. If you move it you can find the plan behind it. This is the Weapon Upgrade kit.


Anti-rad Pills – This can be found outside the Morgue in the Pyscotronics area. After you do the experiment and you get the speech from your brother and Januaray, take the Grav shaft down to the Morgue below. Outside of the Morgue there will be a terminal witha broken turret near it, the plan is on that desk.


EMP Charge – This one is found super early when you get into GUTS. ONce you are in the low gravity area there will be a floating body, it is on the first body there.


Disrupter Batteries – Once you enter the Arboretum you will come across a new giant enemy you haven’t seen before, you don’t fight it. Go through the door that isn’t powered and keep going until you see a body on the floor, the plan is on her body.

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