Prey Free The Prisoner Or Kill Him – The Psychotronics Prisoner

Prey Free The Prisoner Or Kill Him - The Psychotronics Prisoner
One of the many optional side quests in Prey gives you the choice. To free a condemned man or send him on his way. This Prey Free The Prisoner Or Kill Him guide focuses on the choices available to you in The Psychotronics Prisoner quest as well as information on the outcome.

Prey Free The Prisoner Or Kill Him – The Psychotronics Prisoner

Using the console in front of Aaron Ingram will let you complete a variety of actions. You can inspect his criminal record, choose to open the door or begin Material Extraction. If you open the door he is freed and he will give you the code to the armory (check out our guides for all safe codes and keypad codes).

If You Free The Prisoner
If you choose to open the door and free Aaron Ingram he will give you the code to the Armory. It’s a static code so it’s always the same every play through. The code is 8714. When you free him, he is thankful and decent so his original appeals regarding his crimes appear to be true.

If You Kill The Prisoner
If you decide to go through with the material process 4 Mimic’s will kill Aaron. This is a great opportunity to scan the Mimic’s and it can get you right to the level 2 power. However, January calls and expresses his disappointment with your choice and of course, Aaron dies. You also get 13 Exotic materials.

Your choices during this mission are one of the many things that influence the ending in Prey

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