Prey Guide Destroy Talos 1 Or Use The Nullwave Device

Prey Guide Destroy Talos 1 Or Use The Nullwave Device
As you reach the climax of Prey you’re given yet another decision to make. This Prey Guide Destroy Talos 1 Or Use The Nullwave Device tells you what happens when you make the near final choice of destroying Talos 1 or wiping out the Typhons.

It’s worth noting that while this does influence the ending of Prey, it only influences a small segment. Other choices you have made also impact the end.

Prey Guide Destroy Talos 1 Or Use The Nullwave Device

Towards the end of the game you will get two main objectives that begin to branch out and away from each other. One is called “A Mind Without Limits” and the other is “Perdition”. A Mind Without Limits follows Alex’s path of thought and ideas as Morgan attempts to use the Nullwave Device to destroy the Typhon will allowing Talos 1 and the people aboard to survive. The other path, the path of Perdition, follows January’s path of thought and ideas and sees Morgan activating the Self Destruct Consoles to destroy the Typhon, Talos 1 and everyone aboard.

If You Choose To Use The Nullwave Device
Following the A Mind Without Limits quest line will bring you to the final choice of using the Nullwave Device. To use the Nullwave Device you’ll have to follow the quest path until Alex asks you to meet him on the bridge. Once there you will have to destroy January that will release the console so you can use it. Once activated you will get a brief cut-scene where Alex talks about the future of Neuromods before the final credits roll and then the full ending of the game plays out.

If You Choose To use Self Destruct Keys & Destroy Talos
If you choose to blow up Talos 1 you need to head to the Power Plant and use both the keys before returning to the bridge to activate the self destruct. Head up to the Captains Quarters and then initiate the self destruct. When you blow the ship Talos 1 is destroyed but the shuttle escapes. There’s a very brief cut-scene where Morgan says “I keep having this dream”.

Choices That Effect Your Ending In Prey

There are a number of choices you can make and optional objectives you can complete during your time on Talos 1 that influences the ending of the game. Be sure to check out our optional quests guide for more information. Below is a basic list format of the decisions and optional quests that impact the ending in Prey.

  • Optional Quest – Saving Dr. Igwe
  • Optional Quest – Assist Mikhaila Ilyushin
  • Decision – Mikhaila’s Father
  • Decision – The Psychotronics Prisoner
  • Optional Quest – Dahl Ultimatum – Cargo Bay
  • Optional Quest – Danielle Sho
  • How you deal with humans – Using Mind Control to incapacitate humans or killing them impacts your ending
  • The amount of Typhon powers you unlock influence the ending
  • Optional Quest – Incapacitate Dahl
  • Whether you destroyed Talos 1 or used the Nullwave Device

Following this is another choice to make. Kill them all or take Alex’s hand.

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