Prey Keypad Code & Card Guide – List Of All Keypad Codes

Prey Keypad Code Guide - List Of All Keypad Codes
Talos 1 is a huge environment that holds many hidden secrets, locked safes and private rooms. This Prey Keypad Code Guide will give you access to many areas that are otherwise not open with a List Of All Keypad Codes for all of the rooms we’ve discovered so far.

Talos 1 is a large-open area that lets you explore at your own leisure. You may take a different path to the path we took but we have arranged our Prey Keypad Code Guide with a List Of All Keypad Codes based on area so check below for the area you’re in and you’re sure to find the keypad code you need.

Prey Keypad Code & Card Guide – List Of All Keypad Codes

Neuromod Division

What Is The Code For The Security Booth

We’re still working on this one however, it only takes level 1 hacking which you can unlock very early.

What Is The Code For The Volunteer Quarters

This is one of the codes that is randomly generated each time. Progress through the game until you reach your office. Just before your office is Bianca Goodwin’s office. Check her emails for the code to the Volunteer quarters.

How To Unlock Skill Recorder Analysis

You must first break into the Security Booth in the area. That requires Level 1 hacking. Then you have to hack the computer inside, that requires level 2 hacking.

How To Get Into Halden Grave’s Office

You can find Halden Graves’ Keycard at the location above. You need to enter his office for the quest, Copyright Protection.

Talos 1 Lobby

What Is The Code For Holding Room

The Holding Room can be found inside the Security Room in the Talos Lobby. The code can be found on a sticky note next to Sarah Elazar’s terminal. It is 1129

What Is The Code For Morgan Yu’s Office

You have to go to Morgan Yu’s Office to progress with the main story. The code is 0451.

How To Get Into Teleconferencing

The Keycard for Teleconferencing can be found inside your office. Check on Morgan Yu’s table in your office for the keycard.

How To Get Into Trauma Center

You can find the Keycard for the Trauma Center inside the office outside Morgan Yu’s Office. Check the desk inside Dr Sylvain Bellamy’s office.

How To Get Into Hendrik DeVries Office

The keycard for Hendrik DeVries Office is much further into the game. Progress through the story until you reach the Arboretum. When exploring there you will get an objective to repair the main lift. You can find Hendrik’s corpse in the room with the Technopath that you have to kill to restore the lift to working order. It’s part of the optional quest Lift Interference.

How To Get Into Psychotronics

There may be a Keycard for this later but you can get in early. Smash the window of the Psychotronics entrance on the bottom floor next to the PC in the corner. You can hit the “release” option on the PC from the other side of the window.

How To Get General Access Key

The General Access Key is given as part of the story. After January becomes a physical Operator in your office, he’ll give you the key.

What Is The Code For IT Security

The IT Security code to enter the IT Department 0913

How To Get Into Psychotronics Staff Only

You can enter this area once you have the General Access Key.

Hardware Labs

How To Get Into Director Thorstein’s Office

How To Get Into Director Thorstein's Office
When you reach the Hardware Labs you need to climb up to level 2. Once there head to the location marked on the map to access a computer to get the code. The code is 5021. This code may be random so if you’re unable to gain access with that code, check Thadeus York’s computer for your version of the code. It’s inside the Hardware Labs.

How To Get Into Employee Entrance

Employee Entrance
Check the nearby area with the theater style chairs. Keycard is on the body there.

How To Get Into Machine Shop Supply Closet

You get this code during your first space walk. The code is 3891.

How To Get Into Dr Lorenzo Calvino’s Lab

You get the keycard for Dr Lorenzo Calvino’s lab during the main story when you spacewalk to his corpse.

How To Get Into Ballistics Lab

There’s a corpse in the hallway of the Ballistics Lab entrance. The keycard can be found there.

How To Get Into Blackbox Labs

You need to complete the mission The Blackbox Project.


How To Get Into The Security Booth

I never found a code for this one but you can break the glass with the Wrench and then you can use the Huntress Boltcaster to activate the PC Utilities section and unlock the door.

How To Get Into Dr Kelstrup’s Office

You have to enter the Director’s Office in Psychotronics during the story. Once inside the office you can find the Hans Kelstrups Cabin and Director Kelstrup’s Office key on his body. Interact with the PC near the safe and open the office door. It’s a hidden door that is revealed.

How To Get Into The Morgue

As with previous rooms smash the windows on the side and use the Huntress Boltcaster to shoot the door switch on the other side of the door.

What Is The Code For The Armory

There’s a side mission here. You can free the man to get the code, or kill him for rare materials. The code is static however so you can use the code and kill him for the materials too. The code is 8714


How To Get Into The Maintenance Tunnel

You need to progress through here for the story. The keycard can be found on the corpse that floats around the Magnetosphere, the area with low gravity and the loud pulse that does a lot of damage.


How To Get Into The Greenhouse Console

You can hack to enter the Greenhouse. To find the password head to the entrance of the Crew Quarters. As you approach the Crew Quarters entrance take the path up to the left. It’s a short path with some chairs and a table at the end. Search under the body for a note that contains the new password.

How To Get Into Storage AR01 Weapons Locker

You get this code from saving the people inside the greenhouse for the mission Save Rani. The code is 6190

How To Get Into Storage AR2

Go to the location marked above. There’s a huge tree with some initials carved onto it. At the base of the tree near some rocks, there’s a keycard for Storage Room A2. If it’s not there you may have to complete the optional mission The Lover’s Gift first.

How To Get Up Alex’s Grav Shaft

You receive this code later in the story. Simply use the Gloo Gun to get to the top.

What Is Alex Yu’s Password

You receive this later in the story

How To Open The Crew Quarters

You get the Crew Quarters keycard from Zachary West’s corpse. Follow the main story objectives until it takes you to the Deep Storage entrance. You’ll find Zachary’s corpse there.

Crew Quarters

What’s The Code For The Mail Room

You can find this code in the end rooms of the Crew Quarters B area. On one of the Habitation Pods, on the pillow. The code is 2082

What’s The Code For The Fitness Center

Check the Security Terminal in the Crew Quarters, it’s near the Mail Room. Reading an email should give you the code. The code is 6656.

What Is The Executive Suites Code

The Grav Shaft code can be found in the Crew Quarters area. It’s on the second floor, inside the same room with the Recycle machine. The code is 4983

How To Open Yellow Tulip Supply Closet

You can find the keycard for the Supply closet on a destroyed Operator on the floor behind the bar in the Yellow Tulip.

How To Open Sylvain Bellamy’s Habitat

Keycard is obtained during optional mission The Corpse Vanishes.

How To Open Jorgen Thornstein’s Cabin

You obtain this keycard from Director Thornstein’s Office in Hardware Labs.

How To Open Will Mitchell’s Cabin

You receive the keycard for Will Mitchell’s cabin during The Cooks Request quest.

How To Open Abigail Foys Cabin

The keycard for Abigail Foy’s Cabin can be found inside the Crew Quarters. Head to the Recreation Center and go upstairs. There’s a large table where they were playing a Dungeons & Dragons style game. Search the head of the table for the keycard.

How To Open Lorenzo Calvino’s Cabin

We’re still looking for this keycard

What Is Lorenzo Calvino’s Password

You can retrieve his password from the computer in Danielle Sho’s room in Crew Quarters B.

How To Open Joda Marks’ Cabin

You can find this Keycard on Talos Bridge 1 in the Captains Chambers. Check the body of Jada Marks.

How To Open Sarah Elazar’s Cabin

We’re still looking for this keycard

How To Open Hans Kelstrup’s Cabin

Obtained somewhere in Director Kelstrup’s Office in Pyschotronics

How To Open Alex Yu’s Suite

You get the keycard to Alex Yu’s suite during the optional mission Who Is December

Deep Storage

What Is The Data Vaults Storage Access Code?

We’re still looking for this code. You can climb nearby computer towers to get to the next floor and come down to unlock the door.

Security Key Keycode

Search the Command Center on Level 2. You’ll find the keycard sitting on one of the tables near Danielle Sho’s work station.

Cargo Bay

What Is The Shipping Container 3232 Access Code?

We’re still looking for this code. You can hack it with level 2 hacking.

Life Support

What Is Price Broadway’s Password?

Check the container next to the bed for a note containing the password.

What’s The Code For The Supply Closet?

The code for the Storage Room is 4637. You can find the code in the Oxygen Control room.

What Is The Code For Oxygen Control Room

We’re still looking for this code. You can hack into it with Level 4 hacking.

Where Is The Keycard For Atmosphere Control Room?

Head to Power Plant. Proceed through the area until you reach Level B3, the reactor. When you enter you’ll see a sign pointing right for the Maintenance Lift. Follow the path all the way round and use Remote Manipulation to open the metal fence door at the end. Jump across to the hatch and you’ll find Jean Faure inside.

Power Plant

What Is The Code For Parts Storage

You can find this code in Monitoring. The the other side of the electrified floor. It needs level 3 to hack. You can also use Mimic to get through the small hole in the window

Where Is Coolant Chamber Keycard

You can find the Coolant Chamber keycard on the body of Talia Brooks. Check the Cooling Chamber lower floor, her body is surrounded by fire.

What Is The Code For Reactor Storage Cage

We’re still looking for this code. It needs level 3 to hack.

Talos 1 Bridge

Where Is The Keycard For The Briefing Room

Check the body next to the Navigation panel on the bridge.

Shuttle Bay

Where Is The Keycard For The Shuttle Control Room

You can find the Shuttle Control Room Keycard in the Pilot Lounge.

How To Get Into The Pilot Lounge

The code is 2202

Where Is Dahls Cargo Hold Keypad

During the Dahl Ultimatum – Cargo Bay mission head to Life Support and use the Air Filtration Control panel. This knocks out Dahl and let’s you loot the Cargo Hold Key from his body.

That wraps up our Prey Keypad Code Guide and List Of All Keypad Codes. We will continue to update this guide as we progress through the game so make sure to check back regularly for updates.

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