Prey Kill Them All Or Take Alex’s Hand

Prey Kill Them All Or Take Alex's Hand
Prey is filled with decisions that influence the end of the game, many of them you may not know about. However, there’s one choice you’ll make regardless. This Prey Kill Them All Or Take Alex’s Hand guide will tell you what happens if you choose to kill them all or take Alex’s hand. This is the final choice in the game, so expect big spoilers.

This is the very final decision you make in Prey.

If You Take Alex’s Hand
If you choose to take Alex’s Hand the game ends in a positive manner with whatever you are taking a more human appearance.

If You Kill Them All
Pretty self explanatory this one. If you choose the kill them all option you kill Alex and all of the Operators and the game ends and you adopt a more Typhon based appearance. Prompting a screen to choose which file to load.

Very minor differences but the decision is yours all the same.

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