Prey Mikhaila’s Father Guide – Transfer Or Delete The Data

Prey Mikhaila's Father Guide - Transfer Or Delete The Data
Prey features a few missions that will test your morale compass. Choosing whether to kill or free the prisoner, destroy the shuttle or let it land and now, to transfer or delete this data. This Prey Mikhaila’s Father Guide – Transfer Or Delete The Data goes over the choices you will face during the mission as well as the outcome of each choice and its immediate effects.

Prey Mikhaila’s Father Guide – Transfer Or Delete The Data

You must first complete Assist Mikhaila Ilyushin in Power Plant. Following that progress through the main story until you deal with Dahl and your main story objective is to meet Alex in the Arboretum. Instead of meeting Alex return to your office and speak with Mikhaila Ilyushin

She will ask you to go to Deep Storage and look for records pertaining to her father. Head to Deep Storage and interact with the computer there. You learn that Transcorp experimented on her father and he died, and you authorized the entire thing. Now you’re left with the choice.

If You Delete The Data
If you choose to delete the data it is deleted and Mikhaila calls you shortly after. The Dr convinces her that the data was destroyed and she seems to settle for that. If you return to the office and speak with her the thanks you for your efforts and leaves it at that.

If You Transfer The Data
If you choose to transfer the data Mikhaila calls you and asks you to return to the office to listen to the data together. Head back to the office and speak with her before using the PC and accessing the HS_AudioLog in the Utilities section. She is understandably pissed off, gets really angry at Morgan and tells you to leave.

Your choice does influence the ending, but only in a small way.

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