Prey Treasure Hunt Map Guide

Prey Treasure Map Guide
One of the many side quests and optional activities in Prey is the Treasure Hunt. This Prey Treasure Hunt Map Guide will tell you where to find all of the maps, where each of the map clues take you, the final code for completing all of the maps and the reward.

Prey Treasure Hunt Map Guide – Finding The Maps

The Treasure Hunt mission itself is available from the Crew Quarters. Once you progress through the story and you have access to the Crew Quarters check the computer in the Fitness Center, upstairs near the pool. It’s also available in one of the crew cabins. Once you have the mission Treasure Hunt you need to find maps for Emma Beatty, Danielle Sho, Zachary West and Elias Black. Once you have all the maps you have to solve the puzzle but first things first, let’s find all of the maps.

Where To Find Emma Beatys Map (Rosalyn Swift)
Where To Find Emma Beatys Map (Rosalyn Swift)
You need to access the Fitness Center in Crew Quarters. One of the mind-controlled humans inside is Emma Beaty. Either kill her or remove the mind control to loot her body and grab the map.

Where To Find Danielle Shos Map (Melindra Shadowcorner)
Where To Find Danielle Shos Map
Danielle Sho’s map can be found in the Deep Storage area. Once you progress to Deep Storage head up to Level 2 and enter the Command Center. Once inside interact with the PC and download the file that includes the treasure map.

Where To Find Zachary Wests Map (Hordinbaffle Flagdasterous)
Where To Find Zachary Wests Map
Typically this would be the first Treasure Map you find. It’s on the Aboretum map. Found on a body just before the entrance to the Deep Storage. The story takes you here to find the Crew Quarters key.
Where To Find Elias Blacks Map (Captain Stabfellow)
Where To Find Elias Blacks Map (Captain Stabfellow)
This one can be found in the Crew Quarters zone. Head to the Recreation Room and go up the stairs. You’ll see a large table where the team played their Dungeons & Dragons. Check around the table for this treasure map.

Prey Treasure Hunt Map Guide – Solving The Puzzles

Once you have collected all the maps you have to find out where they relate in regards to Talos 1. Each map shows a location that you have to reach and explore to complete the map. Below is a picture of every Treasure Map involved in the Treasure Hunt quest.

NOTE: Make sure you inspect each number closely so that it updates your quest entry

Investigate Rosalyns Map
Investigate Rosalyns Map

Investigate Rosalyns Map Solution
Simply head down to Level 1 on Cargo Bay, look at the number on the wall. It’s inside the G.U.T.S Loading Bay. The number is 5

Investigate Hordinbaffles Map
Investigate Hordinbaffles Map

Investigate Hordinbaffles Map
The solution to Hordinbaffles map can be found in the Life Support area. Head to the Water Treatment facility as marked above. Look at the wall to reveal a number. The number for me was 3.

Investigate Stabfellows Map
Investigate Stabfellows Map

Investigate Stabfellows Map Result
The solution to Stabfellows Map can be found in the Crew Quarters on Level 2. Go inside the room with the Recycle machine and look up on the wall right when you come in the door. The number is 6.

Investigate Melindras Map
Investigate Melindras Map

Investigate Melindras Map Solution
Enter G.U.T.S. from the Arboretum for the quickest way to get there. Go all the way to the bottom of the shaft, it’s a long way. When you reach the end of the tunnel search nearby for a door/airlock into the Shuttle Bay Fuel Storage. Jump the broken bridge and in the right corner you will find the 1.

WARNING WARNING – If you enter the code below without actually completing the objectives in-game. You get a debuff that reduces recycling yield, torchlight battery and crawl speed. Huge thanks to Christina Eve for the information

What Is The Hidden Treasure Code?

When you have collected all of the Treasure Maps and solved all of the puzzles you are given the code. The Hidden Treasure Code is 1365. You get a Adventurers Toolkit Fabrication Plan (it’s not all that good)

That’s it for our Prey Treasure Hunt Map Guide. We’re updating this as we progress but wanted to add the maps we already had. Check back soon for updates as we’ll add more information on where to find the maps and the solutions.

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  • Christina Eve

    If you cheat by putting in the code without searching all the maps, you get “game master’s ire, it provides reduced recycler yield, dimished flashlight battery and reduced crawling speed.

    • Thanks for the information Christina. I’ve updated and credited you in the guide. Hope you had a recent save to reload >.<

  • Brock Neilon

    I did the entire quest went back to the terminal and I’ve input the numbers and it says error. I have tried putting the code in many different ways as well but nothing.

    • I had the same problem at first. When I checked my objective logs it listed the numbers in a certain way, it didn’t work. It was only when the other guy guiding it with me, Johnny Hurricane, got to the same spot his code was different and that worked for me.

  • Adrian Chiru

    It’s 3165

  • RVVU98

    The code number is always the; 1365, but the order is randomized.. I ended up having to put; 6531 for it to work. You kinda just have to go through the numbers in order to find what works :/

  • OnZo

    This seems totally random all you get is the numbers you just gotta try all the combinations:
    1365 3156 5136 6135
    1356 3165 5163 6153
    1536 3516 5316 6315
    1563 3561 5361 6351
    1653 3615 5613 6513
    1635 3651 5631 6531

    • Danial Othman

      Mine 6513 thanks for the help

    • Gotstodobetter

      3156 works for me! TY