Prey Weapon Location Guide

Prey Weapon Location Guide
Surviving the nightmare of Talos 1 in Prey will require some serious fire power. There are many weapons to aid you in the fight against the goo creatures. Check out this Prey Weapon Location Guide for helping finding them all.

Prey Weapon Locations

You can find these multiple times but you only need to find them once to get them in your inventory. After you find them again you can break them down for materials or dismantle them for repair kits. I’m only going to list where you can find them the first time, so you can get them as quick as possible.

Neuromod Division

Wrench – This pretty much can’t be missed, it is right outside you apartment after things go terribly wrong. This is your base melee weapon and will help you survive for a long while.

Disrupter Stun Gun – This one is easily missed because it is hidden. After you break out of your apartment, go to the simulation debriefing room on the right. On the left there is large blue tower, climb up and on top you will find a briefcase. Open up the case and the weapon is inside. There’s another location, check the video below:

Gloo Cannon – Another one that you can’t miss. After the prompt that tells you “play how you want” you will enter a room with a bunch of things that look like rocks. At the feet of the dead man near the rocks, you can pick up the Gloo Cannon.

Talos 1 Lobby

Shotgun – A staple of any horror game. You can find this on the first floor in the security room. Go to the security hall and jump up on the yellow pipe. Follow that around and you will drop down into the security room and on the desk you will find the shotgun.

Silenced Pistol – This is in the Teleconferencing Center on the 3rd Floor. The key card for that area is either in the offices of the Security office, I can’t remember off the top of my head. As soon as you enter it is right on the floor.

Hardware Labs

Q-Beam – This one can be a little bit tricky but once you open the door to the beam lab you can mark it on your map. When you go outside for the frist time you have to find one of the Doctor’s key cards in order to open up the door to the Looking Glass room. While you are in that area, there is a machine you can repair. Repair the machine and this will normalize the gravity to the Beam Lab. Mark it on your map and you can enter. Use the computer on the outside of the beam room to unlock the door and you can pick up the weapon.

That’s it for our Prey Weapon Location Guide. We’re updating this as we progress through the game so check back soon for updartes.

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