How To Raise Support Level Quickly In fire Emblem Warriors

How To Raise Support Level Quickly In fire Emblem Warriors
Raising the support level of your characters is always something you want to do in Fire Emblem Games. In Fire Emblem Warriors, that is no different. Check out this guide to find out How To Raise Support Level Quickly In fire Emblem Warriors.

Raising Support Level Quickly In fire Emblem Warriors

Killing Enemy Officers While Grouped
Pretty early you are taught how to group up with another member for bonuses and quick travel together. Every time you kill an officer with someone you are grouped with the support link will be boosted. This is obvious but what isn’t obvious is that it has a cap. If you reach the cap for a certain character it will stop giving the heart after you kill an officer while grouped. When this happens, switch your group to another character so they can start raising their links as well. This will make you level up character combos much quicker since you can easily fill one up in most missions.

Do The Side Missions
Certain characters will request that you do side events in battle like protecting a character or taking a fort. Whoever completes that missions will get an increase to their bond towards the character who gave it. Let’s take Chrom for example. Say he asks you to protect Cordelia and you do it with Lissa. That will increase the bond between Lissa and Chrom. If you have already grouped them and the heart has stopped appearing, be sure to change up who does the side mission.

Protecting Forts
This one can be hit and miss but if you let enemy officers start attacking forts an extra objective may appear to protect the fort. This means if you do the objective, whoever gave it will give you some bonus relationship points. so you will want to let some of the officers escape so they can start attacking your bases. Normally you need one or two, depending on who is near a base for this to work. I haven’t let one fall yet but I don’t think you’d get an extra mission to retake the fort.

We are updating this as we find more ways to improve relationships, check bac soon for updates!