Recore Guide: Dungeon Treasure Location Guide

Recore Guide: Dungeon Treasure Location Guide

Each dungeon in ReCore has various chests hidden throughout the zone. Some of these are easy and can’t be missed while others are hidden in hard to spot areas. This ReCore Dungeon Treasure Location Guide will help you find them as you play the game.

Recore Dungeon Treasure Location Guide

Pylon 512
You can’t really miss this dungeon because it is story related.

Pylon 512 Supply Cache 1 – Can’t miss this one. When you go to the second room in Pylon 512, a hole in the wall will blow up and inside you will get the Red Weapon Mod.

Pylon 512 Supply Cache 2 – You can find this Cache while you are looking for the Six Cellbots. After you jump through the blue energy circle things you will enter a little cave that leads around the area. In the center there is a large metal structure and near that you will find the Cache.

Pylon 512 Supply Cache 3 – After using all Six Cellbots to open get the Power Core the door above the Core will open. Use the metal object coming out of the sand to get enough air to land near the open door above. Inside you will find the Supply Cache.

Pylon 512 Supply Cache 4 – The next Supply Cache in Pylon 512 can is through the door you need to activate by shooting three red Power Cells. Just go through the hallway and you will see it on the right.

Pylon 512 Supply Cache 5 – This one is in a hallway that has some boiling liquid near a large yellow rock. Go around the rock and you can find a path up and to the chest.

Pylon 512 Supply Cache 6 – This one is pretty hard to miss, it is at the same hallway as the last chest. Follow it to the end and you will find it in a cave.

Pylon 512 Supply Cache 7 – This Cache can be gotten first actually, I just didn’t notice it until I was there later. This is in the first room with the giant gold machine with the green orb in the center. In the left corner there is a hole in the wall on top of a metal pillar. You can use the black wall on the side to climb up by jumping up onto the ledges there.

Cavern Rush

Cavern Rush Treasure Guide – In order to get the treasure inside of Cavern Rush you will have to beat all of the side objectives and make it to the end in time. The Red Switches can only be hit with the red ammo. The yellow key is on after the first set of platforms when you get to the rock floor, look up there’s a yellow flying creature you need to kill. It took me a couple of tries but I got a tip on my last one that really helps. You can dash off a ledge and it doesn’t count as your dash in air. So I start with a dash and then jump if I need to and dash again if I really want to gain some distance. Being able to double dash will help you gain a lot of speed.

Core Foundry

Core Foundry Treasure 1 – Before the room with the Cellbot socket, go back out the door and look right. Follow that path up and at the end you will find a chest.

Core Foundry Treasure 2 – Yellow rifle upgrade, can’t be missed. It is in the room with three yellow switches.

Core Foundry Treasure 3 – After you get the two cores you will come to apart with giant rolling electric balls. At the top, turn around and follow the platforms to the treasure at the end.

Core Foundry Treasure 4 – Once you prevent the core from exploding, go into the room that just opened up. Go on the left side and there is an opening on the stack of crates with a chest inside.

Core Foundry Treasure 5 – After the last chest keep going until you run into rolling electric balls again. They are coming from the left and that’s where you want to go. When one passes go left and look across the gap for another chest.

Core Foundry Treasure 6 – A little past the last chest you will come to a point where there are more electrical balls but have a stopping point instead of going in a circle. On the left side, if you keep following the path the electric balls are on, you will run into a crate you can jump up followed by another that leads to the top. At the top you can find another chest.

The Brood Hive
You are timed for the secondary objective so I would wait on the chests until you get through it the first time.

The Brood Hive Treasure 1 – In the Hallway after the first door opens, it is on the right.

The Brood Hive Treasure 2 – The second chest is in the room with the crystal mass in the center, there is also a red switch in there. Look up and you can see platforms. Use the crystal mass in the center to gain access to the platforms and follow it up to the top for the treasure.

The Brood Hive Treasure 3 – In the second open room you will see a yellow climb point you can use. Take that up and at the top there is more treasure.

The Brood Hive Treasure 4 – On the way back down from the last treasure you can see another chest behind a pillar on the ground level.

The Brood Hive Treasure 5 – In the room with the three floating shield platforms and the three switches there is a door in the upper left. If you hit all three switches it will open and inside you can find the Yellow Key and a treasure chest inside. It is timed so you have to move quick to get inside.

The Brood Hive Treasure 6 – In the same room with the yellow key there is a green switch at the entrance that opens the door across the gap. Use the switch and rush over to get another treasure chest.

The rest are for beating the side objectives in the level. Get there in time and get all the red keys unlocks the chests at the end. The yellow key is for another Prismatic Core.

The Crucible
Doing all the secondary Objectives in this one is how you get the chests. The only hard one is beating it within the time limit. You need to get to the boss with at least 50ish seconds left to get the last chest.

Repository Blitz
This one is a fricking nightmare. Beating it in the time limit is ridiculously hard and it will probably take you 4-5 times to get it down. One mess up and you can get caught up in an endless respawn loop. Make sure to bring Seth so you can use him to get the Yellow key.

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