Red Dead Online Free Roam Missions Guide

Red Dead Online Free Roam Missions Guide
Free Roam Missions are one of Red Dead Online’s most rewarding features. This Red Dead Online Free Roam Missions Guide will walk you through the basics of the different kinds of Free Roam Missions you will encounter as you explore the expansive world of Red Dead Online.

Free Roam Missions are very similar to Stranger Mission from the offline version of the game. They are scattered throughout the game world, each belonging to a specific NPC. As you explore, look for the icon of a waving person, these are the Free Roam Missions.

Red Dead Online Free Roam Missions Guide

If you highlight a Free Roam Mission on the map, it will display the information. If you haven’t met that particular character yet, it will be displayed as blank. Whenever you encounter a Free Roam Mission, approach the person and target them. You don’t need to accept any missions but once you’ve met them, their information will be displayed on all future related Free Roam Missions.

Each Free Roam Mission character provides 3 different types of missions. These can vary from escort missions to robberies and assassinations. The rewards vary but typically it’s a small amount of experience points and some money.

What’s worth noting is the alignment of each mission. When you approach a Stranger, and you target them with L2, you will see an icon next to the mission. Red means it will have a negative impact on your Honor, white means it will be positive.

You can use this information to max out your honor one way or another, and find which missions are most enjoyable for you and your Posse.

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