Red Dead Redemption 2 Crafting Upgrades Guide

Red Dead Redemption 2 Crafting Upgrades Guide
At the camp in Red Dead 2 you can craft many upgrades for Arthur and the camp. This Red Dead Redemption 2 Crafting Upgrades Guide will tell you how to get each of the perfect pelts, skins and hides required to craft satchel upgrades, improve your lodgings and make the camp better.

When you are hunting, you have a much higher chance of receiving a perfect pelt if you follow our guide on how to get a perfect hide. You can also use our wildlife location guide to find specific animals not listed below.

If you speak with Pearson at the camp, you can upgrade various items of equipment, make new clothes and upgrade the camp. Below is everything you need to know for how to craft all the upgrades available.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Crafting Upgrades Guide

You will need to gather the full list below to craft every single upgrade available. This includes all of the satchels and the camp upgrades. When you find one of the items, you can speak with Pearson and the option to “Donate for Crafting” appears. This will give Pearson the item and he stores it so you can use it to craft whenever you wish.

  • 6x Perfect Deer Pelt
  • 1x Perfect Buck Pelt
  • 2x Perfect Elk Pelt
  • 1x Perfect Badger Pelt
  • 1x Perfect Squirrel Pelt
  • 1x Perfect Panther Pelt
  • 1x Perfect Bison Pelt
  • 1x Perfect Raccoon Pelt
  • 6x Perfect Boar Pelt
  • 1x Perfect Iguana Skin
  • 2x Perfect Beaver Pelt
  • 1x Perfect Rabbit Pelt
  • 1x Perfect Alligator Skin
  • 1x Perfect Ram Carcass
  • 2x Perfect Cougar Pelt
  • 2x Perfect Ox Hide
  • 2x Perfect Pronghorn Hide
  • 1x Perfect Pronghorn Carcass
  • 1x Moose Antler
  • 1x Perfect Wolf Carcass
  • 1x Perfect Snake Skin
  • 1x Perfect Fox Pelt
  • 1x Perfect Muskrat Pelt
  • 2x Perfect Wolf Pelt
  • 1x Perfect Cow Hide
  • 2x Perfect Goat Hide
  • 1x Elk Antler
  • 1x Buck Antlers

That is the total required number of skins, pelts, hides, antlers and other wildlife related materials that you will need in order to fully upgrade Arthur’s Satchel and the camp upgrades. Below is the information on where to obtain each of the items listed above.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Where To Find Perfect Hides, Pelts, Skins, Antlers & Carcasses

To get the perfect pelt, you need to do two things. Whenever you find an animal for the first time, study it. You can do this from range with binoculars. Zoom in on the animal and study it and then reveal its information. This will tell you what weapon you require in order to kill it for the perfect hide. You also need to ensure the animal is 3 star rated.

We are updating this Red Dead Redemption 2 Crafting Upgrades Guide as we progress through the game.

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