Red Dead Redemption 2 Master Hunter Challenge Guide

Red Dead Redemption 2 Master Hunter Challenge Guide
Hunting challenges make a return in Red Dead 2. Check out this Red Dead Redemption 2 master hunter challenge guide to find all the animals you need to hunt. This will net you bonus cash, exp and new gear.

Red Dead 2 Master Hunter Challenge Guide

This one is automatically unlocked early on in the story.

Master Hunter 1
For this challenge you need to skin three deer. This can easily be done near the river by your first camp. They go down there to drink. Shoot them with the bow for perfect skins or finish them with bullet, just be sure to skin them. When this is completed you will unlock the second challenge.

Master Hunter 2
This time you will need 3 Perfect Rabbit pelts. For them to be perfect you need to take them out in a shot with an arrow to the head. They can be found all over, but they spawn more frequent in this location.

This is West of your first camp. The rabbit tend to stay near the road and in the grass slightly off of the road. They can be hard to spot so use your hunter vision to see them over the grass. You can see the stars at the bottom when aiming at the rabbit, if it isn’t three stars then it won’t be a perfect pelt.

Master Hunter 3
This one is really simple. All you have to do is track 10 different species with you binoculars. This means, pull out your binoculars, study the animal and then hold the track button while looking at them with your binoculars. The only things you can’t track are birds that fly. I just rode around on my horse and tracked rabbits, squirrels, beer, boar and a rat to get this one done. Note that the red squirrel and the gray squirrel are two different species, so they can both count towards completion.

Master Hunter 4
For this one you need to call an animal and get a clean kill. My suggestion here is a scoped bolt action rifle, but you can pull it off with a bow if you are close enough. When you are aimed at the animal you want to kill, press the call button and it will pop its head up. At this point either take the headshot or use Dead eye to make sure you don’t miss. If it takes more than one shot, it isn’t a clean kill. If you have the Rolling Block sniper rifle, slap some cover scent lotion on and find some deer.
Master Hunter 5
Now the real challenge begins, you have to hunt bears and skin them. I say you have to hunt them but if you don’t seem them, they are hunting you. If a bear catches you say night night.
Red Dead 2 Grizzly Bear Location
To the north of Strawberry you can find Grizzly bears in the woods here. I had on some scent remover and the bear still found me before I found it. You can kill them with a headshot and a rolling block rifle if you use high velocity ammo. Normal shots can work as well, though I’ve had it fail as well so I don’t risk it. Your horse can only carry one bear skin, the other two can be dirty kills if you want. Black bears also roam the area near the stream and in the woods.
Master Hunter 6
Using a bow, kill 5 cougars and skin them
Master Hunter 7
Use your bait to lore 1x Herbivore and 1x Predator and kill them both
Master Hunter 8
Catch three fish without using a rod, use your bow or a thrown weapon
Master Hunter 9
Catch an opossum playing possum
Master Hunter 10
Kill the legendary animal panther
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