Red Dead Redemption 2 Strangers Guide

Red Dead Redemption 2 Strangers Guide
Want to find all Stranger missions in Red Dead 2? This Red Dead Redemption 2 Strangers Guide will tell you the location of all the different Stranger’s we’ve encountered while playing Red Dead 2, including details on the mission objectives and rewards.

Strangers are important characters you can discover when exploring in Red Dead 2. They give you special missions outside of the main story mission that include various objectives and rewards. This Red Dead Redemption 2 Strangers Guide will tell you where to find all of the Stranger missions we’ve encountered so far.

Each Stranger below provides details on the location and the general mission overview. For a more detailed explanation of each Stranger mission, check the links in each section.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Strangers Guide

The Noblest Of Men, And A Woman
The Noblest Of Men, And A Woman
You can find this in the Eastern Saloon in Valentine. Speak with the author at the bar and he will give you 4 photographs. You must inspect the photographs from your inventory and check the rear side. This will put the location of the target on your map. Check out our The Noblest Of Men, And A Woman guide for more details.
A Test Of Faith
A Test Of Faith
You can find this Stranger South East of the camp during Chapter 2. Speak with the paleontologist and she will ask you to locate 30 dinosaur bones.
Arcadia For Amateurs
Arcadia For Amateurs
After you free the Irish guy during Chapter 2. You will find this Stranger just South East of Strawberry. A photographer, Mason, will have his bag stolen. You need to follow the Coyote until it drops the bag.

The second part of the quest can be found here on the map. It opened up for me when I collected another Debt for Mr Strauss. This time you will have to protect the guy from wolves. Let him get two photos before you help him out. He is found up by Wallace Station, north of the town of Strawberry.
Arcadia For Amateurs 2 Red Dead 2

The third part can be found here during morning or afternoon, he leaves in the evening.
Arcadia For Amateurs 3 Red Dead 2
He is up by the Emerald Ranch and Station. You will have to herd the horses towards Mason. It is pretty simple, stay behind him them and move at a decent pace. When they reach the plains they will run in front of the camera. Make sure you STOP; Mason does not want you in the photo. Mason will give you a photo of the wolves he took as a reward.

Arcadia For Amateurs 4 Red Dead 2
The fourth time he pops up is north of Saint Denis in the swamp of Lagras. This time you are searching for gators with Mason. After three pictures, return to shore and complete this part of the mission.

Arcadia For Amateurs 5 Red Dead 2
You can find Mason again here on the map. This time he almost dies and after that he says he is done and leaves.

Treasure Hunter
Red Dead 2 Treasure Hunter Location
During Chapter 2. South West of camp, far West of Latneck Station. A man will offer to sell you a map for $10, I chose to buy it from him but you can likely rob him too. If you choose to rob him, you will lose honor and he will drop the map.
Hes British Of Course
Red Dead 2 He's British Of Course
This Stranger is found to the south of the Emerald Ranch, the ranch you can sell Wagons at. The man here wants your help catching some of his lost wild animals. It is a chain mission but it is straight forward. When you complete the task, you will be rewarded with an emerald.

Smoking And Other Opportunities
Smoking And Other Opportunities Red Dead 2
The man outside of the Flatneck Station wants you to collect Cigarette Cards and send them to him. There are twelve sets total and they can be very hard to find.
Oh Brother
I believe this opens up in Chapter 3 in Valentine.
Red Dead 2 Oh Brother Stranger
This is one of the more ridiculous stranger missions for sure. Twin brothers want you to shoot bottles off their heads three times. I imagine you can kill one of them if you want, but you will miss out on the future episodes of their ridiculousness. You also get paid $2 for your trouble.

The second part of the mission will open up after while. I came back after some hunting and head them bickering again.
Oh Brother 2 red Dead 2
This time you are beating them down. No money this time, but you get to kick a couple dudes in the balls.

Part three is outside of Valentine, here on the map.
Oh Brother 3 Red dead 2
They are near Wallace Station to the west of Valentine. This time they are standing at the top of a waterfall and throwing insults at each other. They plan to take barrels over the waterfall. It certainly has an interesting ending this time around.

Geology For Beginners
I found this Stranger during chapter 3.
Red Dead 2 geology For Beginners
He can be found west and slightly north of the town of Strawberry. The man here wants you to help him find Rock Carvings out in the world.

The Iniquities Of History
I found this Stranger during chapter 3 in Rhodes.
The iniquities Of History Stranger Red Dead 2
A drunk man on a bench will tell you that they stole everything from him. He will direct you to a house to the north to find his items. The watch is above the fireplace, the pistol comes to you when a couple of guys attack you and the ledger is below the house, through a trap door. Check out the picture above the fire place in the second room to find the trap door. You still have to open the trap door yourself, it is near the second fire place. There is no reward for the mission, just the truth.
No Good Dead
I found this Stranger during chapter 3 in Rhodes.
No Good Deed Stranger Red Dead 2
A doctor has had his wagon stolen by some racists, time to help him out. Head to the way point and clear out the bandits and take the wagon back. You have to kill a few more fools on the way back to town, but outside of that it’s a smooth ride. He will give you a recipe, but I had already bought all of them so I am not sure which one. He says if you see him on the road to stop by and he will give you a deal.
The Ties That Bind
I found this Stranger during chapter 3 in Rhodes.
The Ties That Bind Us Red Dead 2
Near the train tracks in Rhodes a couple of prisoners are fighting each other. One is outside the sheriff’s office, two is on the telephone pole outside the gun store, three is inside the train station, then two more on the telephone poles outside of the saloon. I had to chase a bounty hunter down and retrieve one from his corpse as well. You can burn the posters or turn them in for the $80 reward.
A Fisher Of Fish
This is found at Gill Landing between Flatneck Station and Rhodes during chapter 3 and onwards.
A Fisher Of Fish red Dead 2
A rather eccentric fisherman wants you to send him some large fish. They have to be at least 10 lbs and 24 inches for him to count them.
The Smell Of The Grease Paint
The Smell Of The Grease Paint
You can find this Stranger mission at the Van Horn Trading Post, on the Eastern side of the map. Inside the tavern. Beat down Bertram and then help find the lost magician, Magnifico. Track him down, chase him through his magic. Job done
Help A Brother Out
Help A Brother Out
You can find this Stranger mission in Saint Denis during Chapter 4. Head to the nearby fence shop and investigate the bookcase in the back. Threaten the shopkeeper to open the hidden door. Free both captives and return them to the brother.
Brothers And Sisters, One And All
Brothers And Sisters, One And All
In the North East part of Saint Denis. You must have completed Help A Brother Out. You need to track down the kid that stole the crucifix and escape the law.
The Artists Way
The Artists Way
Inside the Saloon in the East side of Saint Denis. Buy the artist a drink.

After some time the artist will reappear in Saint Denis. There’s a couple of missions but it’s all very basic.

The Mercies Of Knowledge
The Mercies Of Knowledge
In the North Eastern part of Saint Denis during Chapter 4. Head to Rhodes, you can use the Stagecoach to Fast Travel there. Head into the post office and speak with the clerk to locate the moonshine. Steal the wagon and return it to the professor. You then need to speak with the Sheriff. If you negotiate with the Sheriff you can get the cost reduced to $50. Return to the professor.
A Bright Bouncing Boy
A Bright Bouncing Boy
Inside the park in Saint Denis. You will need to remotely control a toy submarine to destroy vehicles on the water. Once completed he will ask you to meet him at his lab on Doverhill. It takes some time, and he was only there at night for me, but you can find his lab here:

A Bright Bouncing Boy 2

Duchesses And Other Animals
Duchesses And Other Animals
Just North of Saint Denis, a short distance out of town. He will ask you to collect a variety of exotic flora and fauna. We are still working on a guide for this one.
The Wisdom Of The Elders
The Wisdom Of The Elders
You can find this Stranger West of Van Horn Trading Post during Chapter 5. Under the railway bridge. Put the Stranger on your horse and take in to Butchers Creek. After some time you can return to Butchers creek to continue this Stranger mission.

No Name
This Stranger can be found near Brandywine Drop, far in the North East corner of the map, during Chapter 5. The mission did not appear to be named yet. You have to teach a young lady how to hunt. After a couple of days you can continue this Stranger mission.
The Veteran
The Veteran
This Stranger can be found near Three Sisters. Find his horse down by the river and calm it before leading it back. Don’t use your lasso, it agitates it further.
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