Redirect Power To Edgewater Or Botanical In The Outer Worlds

A huge choice, do you redirect power to Edgewater or the Botanical Laboratory? This guide covers the choice of Redirect Power To Edgewater Or Botanical In The Outer Worlds, telling you the outcomes of each potential choice and the consequences of your actions.

Whether you choose Edgewater or the Botanical Laboratory, is ultimately down to you. There’s no right or wrong choice here. Be sure to check out our Outer Worlds choices and consequences guide for future choices throughout the game.

If You Choose Redirect Power To Edgewater

If you choose to redirect the power to Edgewater, you will obviously upset the Deserters. Once you have chosen, you will need to return Botanical Laboratory and speak with Adelaide. She tells you that unless you deal with Reed, she will not return to Edgewater. That’s a choice covered further into this article.

You must then convince the other members of her group to return. Speak with Thomas, tell him he can start a fresh as an engineer. It’s a good idea to tell him to wait before going to Edgewater, so you can deal with Reed first. Likewise with Grace. You can kill Adelaide here but there’s really not much reason to, you lose a lot of reputation with the Deserters if you do. If you bring all of the workers back to Edgewater, you get Spacer’s Choice reputation.

If You Choose Redirect Power Botanical Laboratory

Choosing the option to redirect power to the Botanical Lab results in a quick return to Reed. He will be angry at your decision. He threatens you and tells you to leave. With 30 Intimidation you can talk your way out of a fight. However, if you decide to fight you can kill Reed and get his Keycard which opens a room for some decent loot. Either option here loses Spacer’s Choice reputation, and killing him automatically fails all remaining quests in Edgewater.

Dealing With Reed

Convince Reed To Leave
Speak with Reed after directing power to Edgewater. Follow these choices to make him leave:

  • Tell him Adelaide won’t return while he is there
  • A change of Leadership
  • Adelaide’s people are not getting sick with the plague
  • Have you ever eaten a vegetable
  • You need Adelaides garden.
  • [Persuade 10] Adelaide’s found a way to grow food
  • She’s been using human corpses in her fertilizer
  • I’m not in the mood to argue

Kill Reed
If you decide to kill Reed, Parvati will leave unless you convince her to stay. You still get Reed’s Keycard and can access his room.

Hopefully that answers your question on whether to Redirect Power To Edgewater Or Botanical In The Outer Worlds.

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