Remnant: From the Ashes Trait Unlock Guide

Remnant From the Ashes Trait Unlock Guide
Traits are powerful abilities that you can equip freely in Remnant. This Remnant: From the Ashes Trait Unlock Guide lists all of the traits we have discovered so far including the base stats when unlocked and how you can unlock the trait for yourself.

As soon as you unlock a Trait, you have it. It is automatically applied to your character, you don’t have to do anything yourself. Traits can be leveled by using Trait Points, which increases the power of the particular bonuses of that trait. There is also your Trait level, which represents your overall power – it’s the level of all of your traits combined into a single number.

Remnant: From the Ashes Trait Unlock Guide

Trait NameTrait BonusHow To Unlock
Arcane StrikeIncrease melee mod powerDefeat Ravager or Totem Father
Bark SkinArmor IncreaseWearing the Twisted Mask, speak with the Living Tree on Earth
CatalystIncreases proc chance of status effects & critsDefeat a boss on Carsus
Cold As IceIncrease back attack damageMeet Brabus on Earth, kill your team
Elder KnowledgeExperience point bonusListen to tape recording inside Ward 13, after using key
EnduranceStaminaAutomatic on all classes
ExecutionerCrit Chance bonus increaseDefeat Ixillus on Crosus
ExploiterWeak Spot damage bonusGet a certain number of weak spot hits
GluttonIncrease speed at which you use consumablesDefeat The Unclean One boss fight
Guardians BlessingReduce incoming melee damageCurio Dungeon.
HandlingGun spread and recoil decreaseObtain a lot of weapons
Keepers BlessingElemental Resistance increaseReach the Labyrinth
KingslayerCritical damage increaseDefeat The Undying King on Rhom
Minds EyeRange damage bonus increaseDefeat Dreamer & Nightmare
Mother's BlessingRanged damage reductionSave Root Mother (Earth)
Quick HandsWeapon Reload SpeedDefeat the Ent on Earth
Rapid StrikeIncrease melee attack speedGet any standard melee weapon to +20 (boss weapons do not count)
RecoveryStamina regen increaseDefeat Claviger boss on Rhom
Revivalist Revive speed increaseRevive team mates a lot of times
ScavengerScrap gathering increaseDeliver Tarnished Ring to Reggie or have 50,000 Scrap
Shadow WalkerEnemy awareness downHunter starting trait. Unlock in Earth dungeon with the traps.
SpiritMod Power GenerationCultist starting trait
SuspicionReduce incoming friendly fire damageGetting killed by team mates a lot of times
SwiftnessIncrease movement speedYaesha bell puzzle
TeamworkDamage Resist, EXP & Mod PowerJoin a multiplayer game
TriageHealth regen effectiveness increasedSurvive the battle of the two tribes on Yaesha
Trigger HappyIncreases fire rateGet any standard gun to +20 (boss weapons do not count)
VigorHealthAutomatic on all classes
WarriorMelee damage bonusStarting Trait for Scrapper or Complete Lands End on Earth
Will to LiveWounded health increaseGet revived in multiplayer a lot of times
World WalkerStamina cost reductionReach Rhom

Huge thanks to Cyl and the Remnant Reddit & Discord communities for all their help collecting the information.

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