Remnant: From The Ashes Weapon Location Guide

Remnant From The Ashes Weapon Location Guide
Remnant From The Ashes has quite a few different weapons to be found in the game. Some are easy to get, and others are hidden behind locked doors or chests. Check out this Remnant: From The Ashes weapon location guide to find them all.

It’s worth noting that many of the guns are hidden away behind specific bosses. For example, on Earth, you will either fight the Ent or the Singe boss. Both drop different weapons, but you can only fight one on a single play through. You can reset your world for a chance to encounter another, without losing your character or items.

Finally, some bosses have multiple methods of defeat. For example, when you just kill the Ent normally you receive the Sporebloom weapon. However, if you defeat him in the alternative fashion, you get the Petrified Maul. The alternative for that particular boss is to focus damage entirely on its legs until they break. We’ll have more information below, as we encounter more boss battles.

Remnant From The Ashes Weapon Location Guide

Long Guns
We are updating this list as we find more. You might not get the Ent in your play through and if you don’t you will get a different gun.

Weapon NameWhere To FindHow To Acquire
Hunting RifleWard 13Buy
ShotgunWard 13Buy
Coach GunWard 13Buy
Sniper RifleChurchGo to the basement of the church and it is in the corner near some lockers.
SporebloomEnt BossBeat the Ent boss and bring his item to the crafting lady
Beam RifleRhomComplete door opening Dungeon
Chicago TypewriterEarthSave the 2 Liz's in random event
Ricochet RifleYaeshaDefeat Blink Thief in random dungeon
DevastatorHarrow Boss FightDefeat boss
Eye of the StormTotem Father boss fightDefeat boss
Particle AcceleratorClaviger Boss FightAlternative kill method.
RepulsorNightmare Boss FightDefeat the boss
Assault RifleEarth, Random DungeonFind the Monkey Key and open safe house
Hand Guns
This is updated as we find more. There is potential for a boss that drops another hand gun, but we didn’t get that boss yet.

Weapon NameWhere To FindHow To Get
Repeater PistolWard 13Start With
Magnum RevolverWard 13Turn in Lucky Coin to Ace - Guide here
Submachine GunWad 13Complete Ward 13 Keycard Puzzle - Guide here
Hunting PistolRandom Earth DungeonTalk to the Hunter inside the dungeon to get the key and reach the end
Hive CannonIxillus Boss FightDefeat the boss
SpitfireSinge Boss fightDefeat Singe
Curse of the Jungle GodsThe Ravage Boss FightDefeat the boss
Melee Weapons
Melee weapons can come from shops and certain bosses. You normally have to break a piece of the boss to get the melee weapon from them.

Weapon NameWhere To findHow To Get
Scrap HammerHanger 13Buy/Start with
Scrap SwordHanger 13Buy/Start with
Scrap HatchetHanger 13Buy/Start with
SmolderEarth, Singe boss fightAlternative kill method.
Petrified MaulEarth, Ent BossAlternative kill method.
Wastelander FlailRhom, random dungeonComplete the Cursed Trial
World BreakerClaviger Boss FightDefeat Claviger
Lost HarpoonHarrow Boss FightAlternative kill method.
ScytheCrosusBuy from the Elf Queen
Guardian AxeIxillus Boss FightAlternative kill method.
RivenRhomGive the Guardians Heart to the Undying King
Voice of the TempestTotem Father Boss FightAlternative kill method.
Scar of the Jungle GodThe Ravagers Boss FightAlternative kill method.

A huge thanks to the Discord & Reddit communities for Remnant, and Cyl, for giving us permission to use the information from the community spreadsheet.

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