Resident Evil 3 Hip Pouch Location Guide

One of the early challenges of Resident Evil 3, in the lack of inventory space. Check out this Resident Evil 3 hip pouch location guide to find them all and get more space. Missing one of these will hurt you bad in the long run.

Resident Evil 3 Hip Pouch Locations

Hip Pouch 1 Location
The first Hip Pouch is hard to miss. After you put out the flames in the alley, head into the repair shop and grab the bolt cutters. Cut the chain to the red door and follow the path to the Substation. When you get to the Save Room, check on top of the little ladder in the room for the Pouch.

Hip Pouch 2 Location
The second Hip Pouch can be found in the subway clock. You will need the lock pick to get it. When you have the lock pick, head back to the toy store and open it up. Inside you will find a fancy box you can pick up. Pick it up, examine it, and it will have a green gem inside. Bring that gem back to the clock in the subway, near the first item box, and put it inside the clock. This will reveal the Pouch for you.

Hip Pouch 3 Location
The third pack is found down in the sewers. After you get the first battery pack, run back towards the ladder in the sewer. Climb up and open the door up top with the battery pack. Now unlock the iron bar door on the other side. Grab the battery pack out of the door you opened, then open the other battery pack door in the room you just left. Inside you will find the Pouch on a desk.

Hip Pouch 4 Location
This one belongs to Carlos and is found in the Raccoon City Police Department (RPD) West Office in the safe. We have a safe guide here if you need help opening it.
Hip Pouch 5 Location
This one belongs to Carlos and is found in the hospital. You find this one right at the end of the Carlos segment as you defend Jill from the zombies. The lights go out and a door behind the desk bursts open. Inside that room are some grenades, ammo, and the Pouch.
Hip Pouch 6 Location
The last one for Jill is found in the Lab area, in the first safe room. After you take the lift up you will enter a safe room. The Pouch is on the desk inside.

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