Resident Evil 3 Vaccine Puzzle Guide

It isn’t a Resident Evil game without some sort of vaccine puzzle. Check out this Resident Evil 3 Vaccine Puzzle guide to clear the puzzle and move on with the game. The game doesn’t have many puzzles, but this one can be frustrating if you don’t know what to do.

Resident Evil 3 Vaccine Puzzle Guide

When you get to the vaccine puzzle area, you first need to combine the Vaccine Base and the Culture Sample in order to put it into the machine. When you put it into the machine, the puzzle starts and you are probably immediately confused. Don’t worry, we’ll get through this. First hit the middle button, second the right button, third the left button, fourth the middle button again, and finally hit the right button twice in a row to even out the sample. It’ll end on left button mid, middle button high, and right button low. This will get you the vaccine that you’ve been going after for pretty much the whole game. You still have a few things to do before beating the game though, just keep it in your inventory for now.

After this part you are getting towards the end of the game, so don’t worry about saving up ammo as often. Still save the magnum ammo, but shotgun shells and grenade rounds can be used more freely without having to worry about running out. The game is super generous when it comes to extra ammo in this section of the game, and those pale head zombies are stupidly strong. I personally like to group them up, put a mine, grenade, or flame round into them and run past when they hit the floor. They just aren’t worth the trouble in my opinion.

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