Resident Evil 7 Mia Or Zoe Choice

Resident Evil 7 Mia Or Zoe Choice
During your play through of Resident Evil 7 you will run into a choice that has to be made. Do you help Zoe or do you help Mia? This choice will have an effect on the rest of the game so check out this article to get help making it.

Resident Evil 7 Choice Mia Or Zoe

So you will have to pick one and the other one will be left behind. Without going into super deep spoiler territory, this basically will determine which ending you get. Mia is the good ending and Zoe is the bad ending. It doesn’t matter who you pick because after this you will be playing as Mia on the ship. Who you choose will really just have an effect on the two girls in the end, well and maybe you personally. Oh and of course whoever you leave behind is going to be pretty upset at you about leaving them.

After you beat the final boss you will get to see the outcome of what you did. Honestly, not much changes. You get a bit of a different cut scene and Ethan’s dialogue changes a bit to suit the situation. If you want to see the ending you didn’t get, or check them out before you make your choice, we have a video with both the endings right here.

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