Risen 3 Guide: Tacarigua Side Quest Guide

Risen 3 Guide: Tacarigua Side Quest Guide

Tacarigua is another island you will have to visit in Risen 3. The Inquisition have taken over the island and they have plenty of side quests for you to do. Use this guide to find and complete all the side quests before you leave the island.

Tacarigua Side Quests

Kicking Ass – You get this from Jack on the beach when you first land on the island. Make this your active quest and head to the light house. Talk to the guard Tanner and fight him in a duel and beat him. After you beat him tell him to go down to the beach then go into the light house and grab Holtby’s diary. In the diary he says he hid the loot in a cave near the light house. Look on your map and you can see the cave so head there. Once inside fight your way all the tway to the back and the second chest and get the stolen goods. Return to Holtby and take his money if you want or pick another option then send him away from the light house. Now return to Jack and tell him he can go back to the light house, also give him back his goods.

Wet Behind The Ears – On the beach before you cross the river you can find Pipkin on the beach and he will give you the quest. The chest is in the cave so you might of already got it but if not grab it and return to Pipkin. Give him all his stuff back and you will get half of it as well as two souls.

Vasco’s Stuff – You get this from Vasco who you run into during the main quest. Talk to him and tell him you will retrieve his bag, Mark the quest and fight you way to the marker in the house. Grab the bag and return to Vasco for your reward.

The Commandant Of Tacarigua – Tell the guy at the front about the governor’s body and you can talk to the commandant upstairs. The body is in the house that you found Vasco’s bag in.

Severin/Vasco The Deserter – The commandant wants you to find the deserters and deal with them. You can kill them and loot them or let them live and get extra souls and gold from them. Either way after you deal with them return to Sebastiano for extra rewards.

Menacing Shadows – You get this quest from Severin when you offer to lend him a extra sword hand. All you have to do is follow him and kill the shadow minions that comes along. After you kill them all talk to him again and he will give you some gold.

Di Fuego’s Corpse – Inspect the body of Fuego in the house for the Vasco’s stuff quest to start this one. Talk to the guy outside of the commandant’s house about Fuego and he will suggest you ask around town. Talk to Rodriguez and he will tell you to talk to the Nightwatch guards. Talk to both of the Nightwatch guards and you will learn that the commandant was with Fuego, There is a unlocked chest near Rodriguez that has the commandant’s sword in it and a sword piece is found on the body of Fuego.

Talk to Sebastiano and tell him what you have found and that you think it was him that killed Fuego. After that leave the island and come back and he will be gone looking for you on his ship.

Risen 3 Di Fuego's Corpse

Betray Horas – After you get this quest head to the south west of the town to find a guy near a fire. Talk to him and you can either kill him or have him join you. Either way after you do something about him return to the commandant.

Rodriguez’s Spot of Bother – Talk to Rodriguez and he will ask for a redeployment order from Sebastiano. After Sebastiano leaves the island you can just grab the redeployment order from his desk without getting in trouble. If you try to open the chest they still get mad.

Off And Away – To the north of the town you can find the cook Osorio and he will give you this quest. Go to the marker on the beach and climb up next to the jade and use the vines at the end of the path. Keep climbing the vines and mountain until you reach the top. Talk to Hawke and just answer his questions how you want because there is no right answer. Once you get the option to talk about Osorio do that and you get a new quest marker. Climb up the mountain to the right of him and at the top you can find his chest and other loot. After that you can convince Hawke to jump off a cliff if you want or tell him not to and get extra souls. Return to Osorio for your reward.

The Treasure In The Tacariguan Backcountry – You get this treasure map in the house you find the dead Fuego body. The X is north of the city right past the cook and natives. Head behind some trees and you will see the X on the ground.

I will check the island later for more quests so check back for updates!

  • kish1975

    great help even though I finished them all on my own , iwanted to see if I missed any quests . thank you

    • That’s how it’s done. No need to spoil everything, just a quick look after to make sure nothing was missed 😀 Glad we could help!

  • 雑草

    Di fuegos corpse is cancelled if you leave the island….not completed.

    In order to complete the quest you have to break into his chest on the top floor of his house, grab the warrant and go confront him about the murder he commited – before you leave the island.

    • kish1975

      I had a glitch and no save to go back too , so I left the island and it cancelled it but I got the stuff out of the chest and confronted him and he just kept saying so who cares and the conversation would end so I thought I was missing something so I left . Now I know it was a glitch after reading how to do the quest and it never ended. Also it says you need to pick 1 out of 3 alliances on the box , what are they I found the shaman on kilka but I finished every quest I can find so far and don’t have a clue what to do because I cant get past the giant gates and I am a sword user don’t like magic so is the a faction to choose for that

      • The Great and Powerful Turtle

        you have to complete “ancient knowledge” with Eldric first before you can pass the giant gates and you have to be in an alliance to complete “ancient knowledge”

  • czlowiek488

    Rodriguez’s Spot of Bothe You can just grab it when night is

  • wildweasel

    Does anybody know how to complete the mission “Green Flames” in Calador? I have no idea how to get to the other side of the broken bridge (the lava bridge)

  • alilsneaky .

    Di fuego quest is still broken for me it seems
    I stole the warrant, talked to the nightwatch but he just calls me a thief, takes the warrant from me and that’s it, the quest doesn’t finish and he doesn’t say anything anymore. Leaving the island just cancels it:

    • Adanos

      The quest is not broken. You simply haven’t found all clues needed to complete it. You need to do four things to confront Sebastiano about Di Fuego: You need to examine the corpse of Di Fuego, open the unlocked chest standing at the house where the Nightwatch sleeps during the day (opposite of the cook’s house) to find Sebastiano’s blade, talk to the Nightwatch to find out that Sebastiano left with Di Fuego (I think you have to speak to Roquefort before you can ask the Nightwatch) and steal the order from Sebastiano’s chest by sneaking in at night (you don’t necessarily need the sneak ability if you’re fast enough, or just get knocked out if you’re caught). If you’ve done all four things you can confront Sebastiano.

      Leaving the island however cancels the quest and you can’t pick it up later.

  • Nameless

    I have found on Tacarigua Hilt for Sphere Thorn, anybody know where I can find blade for this sword?

    • Ash Grey

      Sphere Thorn blade is in Calador, north-east, lying on the ground in an
      appendix closest to where the lava river starts, before the last Shadow
      And where did you find the hilt? Couldn’t find it myself.