Rogue Legacy 2 Blueprints Guide

Rogue Legacy 2 Blueprints Guide
Making blueprints has a huge impact on your successful runs. This Rogue Legacy 2 Blueprints Guide breaks down everything you need to know about blueprints including where to find them, how to make them, and how useful the final item is.

Rogue Legacy 2 features many staple rogue-like mechanics. As you fail, run after run, you grow stronger through a combination of different features and mechanics. One such feature are the Blueprints. While expensive, these valuable upgrades can go a very long way to making your next run, just that little easier.

What Are Blueprints & How To Use Them

What Are Blueprints & How To Use Them
Blueprints are special items that you can discover on your journey through Rogue Legacy 2. While they don’t do anything themselves, once found you can return to the Blacksmith and he can then craft these blueprints into special items. Blueprints are divided into 5 categories. Weapons increase your Strength, Helms increase you Vitality, Chest increases your Armor, Cape increases your Magic Damage and Bands increase a variety of stats.

You have to buy each item before you can equip it and once bought, each equipped item adds to your weight. It’s a good idea to choose the items that best match your play style. For example, I rarely use Magic, so I often avoid equipping a cape and instead go for other items.

Where To Find Blueprints

Where To Find Blueprints
Blueprints can only be found when you are exploring the castle and other levels further ahead. Currently, none of the castle upgrades offer any additional blueprints. When you are exploring the different rooms in the different biomes, you’ll want to keep your eye out for silver chests, just like this one.

They are not usually associated with puzzle rooms so it’s simply a matter of finding a silver chest and reaching it without dying. Once you open the chest, you will unlock a new Blueprint. So far, we have not encountered any duplicate blueprints. Not all Silver Chests are always blueprints, they are often gold.

List Of Blueprints

List Of Blueprints
We’re unsure if the current list of Blueprints is the full amount in the game. It’s still Early Access so there’s a good chance more will be added soon.

Blueprint NameType
Leather WeaponWeapon
Scholar WeaponWeapon
Leather HelmHelm
Scholar HelmHelm
Leather ChestChest
Scholar ChestChest
Leather CapeCape
Scholar CapeCape
Leather Band
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