Rogue Legacy 2 Heirlooms Guide

Rogue Legacy 2 Heirlooms Guide
Where to find them? What do they do? This Rogue Legacy 2 Heirlooms Guide will answer all of your Heirloom related questions as we break down how to find them, what they do, and whether or not the difficult challenges ahead are worth the effort.

Rogue Legacy 2 features many rogue-like mechanics. As you progress each run, although you die and start again, you grow in power in a variety of ways – such as upgrading your castle. These upgrades make future runs more exciting, more rewarding, and hopefully, more successful.

What Are Heirlooms & Where To Find Them

What Are Heirlooms
Heirlooms are part of the rogue-like features of Rogue Legacy 2 that allows you to increase in power in future runs. They are powerful items that you carry with you. They are not lost upon death. Once they are unlocked you gain the abilities of that Heirloom on every future character and every future run. Some of the more challenging puzzles and areas in the game require these abilities to successfully complete them, so they are very worth picking up.

Heirlooms cannot be found in chests or any other random means like Blueprints and other items. Heirloom items are rewards for completing very specific challenges that you can unlock through discovering different items in the first area of the game.

How To Unlock Heirlooms?

How To Unlock Heirlooms
Heirlooms are unlocked by discovering these special statues and then completing the task they set you. However, before the task is available you must first unlock the Insight. These are basically side quests within the game that are unlocked by interacting with special books you find on your journey. Once you have the Insight and discover the statue for that particular Heirloom, you can proceed to complete the challenge. For more information on unlocking Heirlooms, check out our Rogue Legacy 2 Insights Guide.

List Of Heirlooms

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