Rogue Legacy 2 Insights Guide

Rogue Legacy Insights Guide
Insights are similar to quests but how do you solve the riddles? This Rogue Legacy 2 Insights Guide is an everything you need explanation of all things Insights related including where to find them, how they are unlocked, and how you solve the challenges the offer.

Due to the random generation of each level, we cannot give you exact locations but there should be enough information for you to know what to look for. Rogue Legacy 2 has currently only been in Early Access for an incredibly short period of time. As such, the information in this post is likely to change and I’m sure more Insights will be added. However, we’ve got all of the Insights we’ve discovered in the game so far listed in detail below.

What Are Insights & Where To Find Them?

What Are Insights & Where To Find Them
Insights are special challenges given to the player. Very little information is provided with most of them not making much sense until you actually find it. They are very common during the early hours of game play. They are typically found when interacting with parts of the environment, things like books and other items that you can interact with. Once you have an Insight, it is permanent across all characters and all runs.

Once an Insight has been discovered, there is a chance of discovering the challenges location on all your future runs. They are not guaranteed, some are way more common than others. The challenges vary in difficulty, with some seemingly impossible depending on the character class you have chosen.

How To Complete Insights

How To Complete Insights
Each Insight is unique in the challenge it provides but the method behind completing each Insight is the same. You have to discover the Challenges location during on of your runs and complete the challenge fully, without dying. Some of these challenges are easy to complete on the first run, others provide a much higher level of difficulty and will likely take several attempts before you can complete them.

Inner Demons Insight

Inner Demons Insight
This one challenges you with completing Aesop’s Challenge in the Citadel of Agartha. The task is to prove your worth to Aesop and gain the Power of Empathy. This is probably the most common Insight to find. The room is always the same. It’s a high room with lots of lanterns, you must jump and bounce off each lantern to reach the next, it also has one of the teleportation pads inside the room. The final jump may be tricky but I assure you, it can me made without any additional powers or abilities. A brand new character without any upgrades can make the jump.

Once you’re inside there’s a series of difficult challenges. I really struggled with this one. There is a video guide below. Hopefully you’re better than me and don’t struggle so much.

Once you complete the challenge you unlock Aesop’s Tome so you can interact with Memory Fragments to Calm Nightmares, the interaction items that read “You hear a thousand whisper but can’t make out a voice“.

The Return Insight

We’re still working on this one.

Fleet Of Foot Insight

Fleet Of Foot Insight
You must complete Ananke’s Challenge, this one rewards you with Ananke’s Shawl. It unlocks a special ability, dash. This is another random room that you just have to hope to find on one of your runs. It’s got a teleportation pad inside it and then a small drop down to the statue. No puzzles or any enemies, so it’s easy to reach once you find it.

Lighting The Way Insight

Lighting The Way Insight
This Insight can only be unlocked after you complete the Inner Demons Insight. You need Aesop’s Tome then find the Throne room, which appears to be in every level. When you find the Throne Room, check to the right of the door and you will see a memory you can interact with.

That’s everything you need to know about Rogue Legacy 2’s Insights.

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