Saints Row 3 Heli Assault Walkthrough

Saints Row 3 Heli Assault Walkthrough

There is a mission in Saints Row 3 called Heli Assualt. Basically you have to protect your homie from the enemies while in a heli gunship. This guide will help you get through it in no time!

First off for the Saints Row 3 Heli Assault mission guide is the controls. The controls in the helicopter are a bit different from a normal car. They will show you them once you get into the chopper and start flying. The big thing about the chopper is the missiles. These shoot straight but have a delay. You will want to time them to hit a bit earlier then you would normally.

Now to the mission part of the Saints Row 3 Heli Assault mission guide. You need to stop at three server rooms in this mission. On the way to the first one a bunch of cars will try to block your homie off but really they don’t do much damage. You can ignore them if you want or pick them off. Wait until she arrives at the first server room.

Once there one should try to sneak in and get her. Bring it down. Once she leaves a helicopter will start to swoop in. Take it out with your machine gun.

On the way to the second one more cars will try to hit her. I recommend the machine gun on any of them that get to close. The missiles can do more damage then good to your homie. Take any of them out and you will arrive at the second server room.

Just like before they will try to get her once she is stopped. Deal with the cars and wait for her to leave. Another helicopter will appear and you know what to do. Bring it down and she will go for the third server room.

Expect a bit more of a fight on the way there. Just avoid the missiles and it will be fine. Once she is at the third place a large wave will come. Try to kill them as far away as you can so it doesn’t get cluttered. A helicopter will appear and you need to deal with that one as well. Once she clears that one you will have won. Good job.

That will end the Saints Row 3 Heli Assault mission guide. Check back soon for more guides!

  • The missiles are wire guided. they go wherever you point the crosshair ‘____’

    • Chealse Charm

      Depends on the mission. When you do heli assault with Pierce you get guided missiles, however when you do the mission with Kenzie you dont.

  • GOD, this mission is SO DIFFICULT!!!

    I wish such games had an option that you could skip some stupid missions like this!!!

    are there any cheats that actually help us here?! I mean no damages won’t work for her car!! :-(( DAMN!