Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Choices And Consequences Guide

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Choices And Consequences Guide
In Sekiro, you will be faced with some choices that effect the outcome of the game. A lot of these choices might seem minor, but you can never be sure with a From game. Check out this Sekiro Shadows Die Twice choices and consequences guide to see what happens when you make certain choices.

Sekiro Choices And Consequences Guide

Hanbei The Undying
The first choice you will make involves Hanbei.

Attack Him
If you choose to fight him, you will find out that he cannot die. He offers his services to help you hone your skills if you want. He is one of the more important NPCs in the game.

He will wait until you are ready to face him.

Sekiro Old Lady Choice
When you approach the old lady she will ask if you are her son. You can say I am not your son or say nothing.

Saying Nothing
The old woman asks what is wrong and then asks you to turn a bell into the Buddha shrine. This woman can be afflicted by the Dragonrot if you die enough, so be careful. If you use the bell and return to her, she will thank you. Be wary, this woman can be effected by the Dragonrot.

She will also be killed if you finish up Hirata Castle.

Sekiro Dying Man Choice
When you approach the dying man near the old lady, he will call out and ask if anyone is there.

If you choose to answer, he will ask you to look in on his mother in the other room. If you already have, he will thank you and tell you she is losing her marbles.

Say Nothing

He will die after you finish up the Hirata Castle area and beat the Butterfly lady.

Anayama The Peddler Choice
This merchant will say that he hasn’t seen you since that night. You can say nothing or say That Night?

That Night
He will say that you don’t remember That Night? You will say no and he will explain that he was once a thief but now he is a merchant. He will offer to sell you the info of that night for 50 Sen if you have it, and says he will stock up on items with it.

Say Nothing
He will say it looks like you made it out safely and that he is relieved. He will not open the store until you ask him about “That night”

Pay 50 Sen
He will say that you meet while he and his gang were breaking into a castle. You were there looking for something, but he isn’t sure what. He says he can sell you other info for a price if you are interested.

Not Interested
If you say no, he says he will be waiting here for when you change your mind.

Rat Hunting Samurai
After you defeat Gyoubu, the samurai on the horse boss, you will gain access to a new building. It is across the way from the Ashina Castle Gate. Inside there is a man who asks if you want to help him hunt rats.

If you choose to help, he will hand you a note about the Rats and ask you to kill them. We have a guide on where to find the Rats here. Helping him should be required, he gives you a new skill list for killing the Rats.

If you decline to help him, he says he will wait here until you change your mind.

Giving The Sculptor Booze
If you cure the Sculptor of Dragonrot then you can also give him sake. Speak with Emma the doctor after curing the Sculptor of Dragonrot and she will give you sake to hand him.

Ashina Sake
You will hear about Emma’s father Dogen, who created the prosthetic arm you now use. You will also get some backstory of the Sculptor himself.

Unrefined Sake
I got this Sake from a boss, but I don’t remember which one. You learn that Lord Isshin was the one who took the Sculptor’s arm. He also mentions something about Shura.

Dragonspring Sake
You can buy this one from the NPC vendor right outside Miru village. I’ll admit, this one has me worried. If you roam around the village you learn that the Priest has been handing out Sake to the villagers. I’m not sure if this is the same Sake or not, but the priest Sake makes the villagers go mad.

If you choose to give him the Dragonspring Sake he will tell you a little bit about Emma and when they met. You will learn that Doegen adopted her after she was saved from a battlefield.

Monkey Booze
This is found up in the temple on Mt Kongo, near the white flower. He will tell you about when he trained as a Shinobi. He also brings up that he wasn’t alone and that his friend had a ring that made a howl.

The Dragonrot is a tricky choice. If you heal it, you gain more unseen help and can have different conversations with certain NPCs. The reason it is tricky is because you can’t heal it any time you want. If you heal the Dragonrot to often, you will run out of items to heal the Dragonrot with. If you wait to long, NPCs might start to die from the rot. I am currently testing how long it takes before an NPC actually succumbs to the Dragonrot.
Melody Samurai
You can find the Melody Samurai near the well you started the game in, in the Ashina Castle area. He is up above it and speaking about a sound he can hear down below. If you go into the well there is another man you can speak with. Be careful not to attack the man in the well, if you do you lose the chance to talk with him.

Greet Him
If you greet him, he will ramble for a moment and you can try to get his attention again. If you do, he will introduce himself and ask if you hear the song he hears. The only response at the moment is that you do not.

Ignore Him
He will ramble on about some noise he can hear, that you cannot currently hear.

Send Him To Bloody Surgeon
If you have met the Bloody Man in the Ashina Dungeon who hands you the Surgeons Bloody Letter, then you will get another option here as well. You can send him to see the Surgeon and you will rewarded with 3x lump of fat wax. Thanks to Ibze for the comment.

Lone Shadow Longswordsman
This one I mess up on and you might as well if you aren’t paying attention. You can find the Swordsman in the well that you started off in in Ashina Castle, the well from the start of the game. He has a purple rope and is standing with his back to you, tempting you to backstab him. If you walk up to him however, you can talk to him. Before I realized I could talk to him, I struck and lost the ability to speak with him. I left and came back and he attacks me no matter what now.

Talking to the Swordsman

The Lone Shadow Longswordsman doesn’t make a difference if you talk to him, if you talk behind him he will say something of the sort that he is looking for the wolf to kill him and if you talk again he turns around and attacks. Thanks to CrimsonKing for the comment.

Bloody Man
Inside the Abandoned Dungeon, you will find a man in bloody clothes near the entrance. He will ask you if you are a Shinobi.

He will say he thought so and asks if you will do him a favor. He will hand you a note that asks for One Tough Man. I believe it is asking for you to deliver one tough man somewhere. I am not sure where yet, I will update when I find out.

He says it doesn’t matter, maybe you can help him out. He will then give you the same letter you get for saying yes.

Crying Monk
You will find the Crying Monk in the Senpou Temple Region in Mt Kongo. Warp to that way point and go outside the building. Take a right and drop down the ledge to find a monk crying against a tree.

Ask Why He Is Crying
He will say he is all alone. He will talk about a pure white flower that he has to find. I don’t have it yet, I will update if I find it.

Say Nothing
If you say nothing, he will say he was left here and he cannot find the flower.

Give Him The Red And White Pinwheel
If you find the red and white pinwheel you can hand it to the Crying Monk. He will say that is it red and white and that he is looking for pure white. He will say you are nice and you can then send him to a couple places.

This video will lead you to both the red and white pinwheel and the white pinwheel.

Lure Him To Abandoned Dungeon
If you send him down to the surgeon, you will be rewarded with three Lump of Fat Wax. If you return you can eavesdrop on the conversation the surgeon and his master are having as well. When you get the diving technique, you can go into the cell with the Crying Monk. If you go in, you will have to fight him because he is mad at you.

Tell Him About Anayama The Peddler
Anayama will welcome him with open arms and thank you for helping him out. Your reward will be new merchandise after a little while. This includes new metals, gunpowder and other upgrade materials.

Hand Him The Pure White Flower
The red and white pinwheel will let you send the Monk to another spot. The pure white pinwheel will remove that option. If you hand him the pure white pinwheel, he will ask you to spirit him away. You will need the Large Fan in order to do this, without it you can only refuse(Thanks to Nick for the comment). Even if you refuse, you cannot send him away after giving him the pure white pinwheel. The fan can be found near the Gun Fort waypoint, you have to beat the crazy slashing boss creature below to get it.

Spirit Him Away

If you spirit him away with the Divine Abduction, he will reappear once you make it to the Inner Sanctum of Senpou Temple. Your reward for this is a Taro Persimmon, which is needed for one of the endings. Thanks to Nick for the comment.

Fujioka Trapped In Ashina Castle
In the Ashina Castle there is a Peddler trapped near some Samurai. He asks you to kill the Samurai in exchange for info. From the Ashina Castle way point, go inside the gate and take a right. Grapple up the first wall and then drop down to the other side. Follow the path to the left and you will run into a group of Samurai near a banner. Kill them and then up the stairs, then up the smaller set of steps after that. The Peddler is behind the wall there.

If you help him, he will go back to your camp after things settle down and he will sell items. You might help him accidentally just by killing the enemies in the area. He sells a Gourd Seed so you want him for that at least. So far, he hasn’t killed anyone in my camp so it seems okay to help him.

If you don’t help he will not go to your temple and just remain there.

Old Lady In The Bottomless Hole
Near the Bottomless Hole way point, there is an old lady telling you to jump through the gate. She wants to know if you will be cast out of not.

If you choose to jump, have your finger on the grapple button on your way down. After falling for a few seconds you can grapple to a couple of different ledges that are jutting out, do so to avoid crashing into the bottom. This will also open up a new area, and that poison swamp that you always find in a From game.

Help Kuro Or Obey The Iron Code
When you get to Kuro after defeating Genichiro, you will have a choice to make.

Help Kuro
If you choose this option, Wolf will say I cannot break the Iron Code.

Obey The Iron Code
You tell him that you cannot help, you have to protect him. Kuro will plead with you to help him sever immortal ties and Wolf ultimately agrees.

Obey The Iron Code, Forsake Kuro Or Break The Iron Code, Stay Loyal To Kuro
This is a huge choice and you can end your game prematurely by choosing wrong.

Obey The Iron Code Forsake Kuro
This will get you the bad ending. You still have two boss fights to do, but after that you beat the game. After you beat those two bosses you will be tosses into new game + so be wary.

Break The Iron Code Stay Loyal To Kuro
This is the path to the true ending, well one part of it at least. Choosing to keep aiding Kuro will result in more bosses and more areas. The game will end after you beat the final boss in this case. You will have to face Owl if you say this as well.

Orin Of The Water
Orin of the Water can be found near the Water Mill waypoint in the Ashina Depths. She is looking for Lord Sakuza and will ask you if you know where he is. If you run past her, she gets upset that you ignored her and attacks. This NPC will speak to you again after a fight, provided you don’t kill her. When she asks you where her lord is you have two options by default.

I Don’t know
She calls you a liar and the fight begins. Run if you don’t want to kill her.

Say Nothing
She wants to know why everyone is hiding Sakuza from her and she will attack. Run if you don’t want to kill her.

I am currently looking for Lord Sakuza, though it seems like she might kill him if she finds him. I am not sure what happens if you kill her, I’ll test it after I find the lord.

Killing O’rin
If you choose to fight her, you can kill her. When she dies, she says that you must have come in lord Sakuza’s stead. If you return to the Melody Samurai and speak to him, he will tell you that O’rin spoke with him. He will give you a Jizo statue and then bites the dust. Thanks to TD10097 for the comment.

Ringing The Demon Bell
While you are up in Mt Kongo, you will run into a Demon Bell that you can ring. The Bell inscription tells you not to ring it unless you have a stout heart.

Ring The Bell

Ringing the Demon Bell will award you the Bell Demon. While you have this in your inventory the enemies will be harder, but have a chance to drop better loot. You can just discard the item to remove the effect. While the Bell Demon is in your inventory you will have a Sinister Burden attached to you.

Isshin Ashina The Rat Catching Samurai
You have to find Isshin after you rescue Kuro. You can give him sake like you can give the Sculptor.

Ashina Sake
If you give Isshin the Ashina Sake, he will tell you about the rebellion and the war.

Unrefined Sake
If you give Isshin the Unrefined Sake, he will ask if you are offering him the Sake he gave you. He laughs and takes it anyways. He then asks about Genichiro and his fighting style.

Give Sakura Droplet Or Keep Sakura Droplet
This is a choice you get from Kuro after you speak with Isshin.

Give Sakura Droplet
This will let you come back to life one more time before death. I have a hard time seeing the downside at the moment.

Keep Sakura Droplet
If you keep it, you do not get the third revive slot. At the moment I don’t know how this effects the ending or if it even does. From where I am, the extra revive is too good to pass up.

Seek The Mortal Blade
When you meet with the Enlightened one, he will ask if you wish to seek the Mortal Blade.

I Do
The Enlightened One will open a box and hand you the Mortal Blade. As you draw the blade, a weird red energy comes out and kills you. Death isn’t the end for you though, you come back and gain the Mortal Blade.

Never Mind
The Enlightened One tells you to rethink your choice about the blade, it has killed many who have drawn it.

Rice Lady
Up in Mt Kongo there is a crazy old lady who wants some rice. She is talking about some fruit and a cave over in the cliff.

Give Her Rice
If you give her the rice she goes into some weird trance. She says Fly the kite to get the fruit… Wind the puppet… Fly The kite.

Keep Rice
You keep the rice and you can eat it to regenerate HP over time.

Kill Hanbei The Undying Or Not
After you get the Mortal Blade, Hanbei will ask you to use it to kill him.

He will thank you and say that he must prepare for the beyond. He wants to be killed clean and painless. When you come back, he will be ready to die. Kill him and you will get the Hidden Tooth. This lets you die as much as you want just by biting it. You do lose your training buddy though.

I Do Not Wish To Kill You
He will say that he knows he can’t force you, but think it over. He wants to die.

Rice Lady Again
You can find the Rice Lady a second time at the Bodhisattva Valley waypoint. She talks about the dry fruit and then asks for rice again.

Give Rice
If it is dried fruit you are after…. become a trainer of monkeys… make the monkey dance…. and he will be eaten. That is what she mumbles after eating the rice. Wolf says that he has to make a money dance, but isn’t sure what it means.

Keep The Rice
You can still eat the rice yourself to regenerate some HP.

Lingering Scent Of Incense Burner
Speak with Kuro after you have the mortal blade and a couple of the artifacts. He says that you will need his blood to complete the ritual. After you tell him that you can cut him with the mortal blade, he will ask if you smell the Incense Burner.

Yes I Did

No I Did Not
He will suggest that you do smell it, even if it is faint. The next time you speak to him, you automatically smell it. You say it smells of saw dust and sakura flowers. Kuro will then mention that there is a sakura tree outside the castle and maybe you should check it out.

Taking Rice From The Divine Child
Taking Rice from the Divine Child seems to effect her in a bad way. After you take your third piece of rice from her she will begin to get weak. She got weak right after I found the last item I needed for the incense burner for Kuro. I am not sure if it is story related or because I took the third piece or rice. Either way, you can hand her a Persimmon to make her feel better for more rice. She will also give you a bag of rice to hand to Kuro. This is needed to get the Return(true) ending. Refrain from giving her a second fruit if you have one.

If you do not give her the Persimmon I am not sure what happens. She seemed very weak, so she might die without it.

Giving The Rice To Kuro
After you give The Divine Child a Persimmon, she will give you some rice to hand to give to Kuro. Kuro will use that rice to make something for Wolf when he returns. When you return to Kuro, he will hand you a Sweet Rice Ball. He will ask you to eat it, but you don’t have to. You can leave and he will say it is fine if you are to shy to eat it in front of him. You want to save one for The Divine Child, the other you can eat whenever. If you eat in front of Kuro, Wolf will say it is good and Kuro will agree. Kuro will also mention that he enjoys making sweets.
Talking With The Divine Child About The Persimmons Of The Serpent
In order to get the Return Ending, you must walk with The Divine Child in the Illusion realm. After you do the incense burner with Kuro, you can return to the Inner Sanctum and find the Divine Child is gone. Speak to her in the Illusion Realm and she will tell you to find the Master of the temple in a small cave. If you head back to the Main Hall in the temple, there is a cave out the back that has some creatures that jump and toss fire. Work your way down until you enter a small room with multiple dead monks against the walls. The one in the back has a purple robe on and has a book called the Hole Chapter: Dragon’s Return. When you return with the book, she will tell you that if you get both the Serpent Persimmons, she can become a vessel for The Dragon’s Return in the west.
Giving The Divine Child The Persimmons Of The Serpent
This is how you get the Return(true) ending. You have to give both of the Snake Persimmons to the Divine Child and she tell you to return later. She won’t let you see her eat them, but if you return quickly you can hear her in pain from eating the Persimmons. I returned after beating my next boss and she gave me the Frozen Tears, which you need for the Return ending. Her rice will also be upgraded if you get another piece from her.
Give The Great White Whisker Or Keep The Great White Whisker
This is from the Great Carp, if you manage to feed it the special bait. When you return to the feeding ground attendant, he will be calling for his master be to no avail. Speak to him after and you can choose to give him the Great White whisker or keep it.

Give Great White Whisker
If you give him the whisker, he will say that he is finally free of his duties. He will thank you can give you some Divine Grass for it.

Keep The Great White Whisker
You can hold on to it if you want, but he seems to the only one interested in the item so far.

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