Sekiro Shadows Die Twice NPC Location Guide

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice NPC Location Guide
Like the other From games, Sekiro has NPCs that you can find in the world and interact with. Some of these NPCs are very hidden, while others are easily found. Check out this Sekiro Shadows Die Twice NPC Location guide to find them all.

Sekiro NPC Location Guide

Old Lady
This is the first NPC you will most likely run into. You will need to go to the Outskirts Wall – Gate Path in the Ashina Outskirts and follow the path. Go past the General mini boss and on the other side of the wall take the left path down. Follow it down until you see the broken house with a woman in a red robe.

Old Lady Sekiro

Speak with her and she will ask you if you are her son or not. You can say nothing or say you are not her son. She hands you a bell and asks you to deliver it to the temple. Her sons name is Inosuke, just in case we run into that name later.

To the left of the old lady, dying on a rock, is Inosuke. He will ask you to check in on his mother if you already haven’t. She seems to be losing her mind currently and can’t tell that her son is dying.

Inosuke Sekiro

Crows Bed Memorial Mob
Crow’s Bed Memorial Mob is a salesman that sells various items, including prosthetic upgrades. He can be found near Inosuke, but up a mountain side. Go down to the gate near Inosuke and then grapple up to the left. Then use you grapple hook to get all the way to the top of the cliff and you will see a man in a tent. Speak to him and you can spend your Sen and sell items, he also has the fire cracker upgrade.

Anayama The Peddler
This man can be found right below the Outskirts Wall – Stairway Idol in the Ashina Outskirts. Drop down below and go to the nearby large gate, he will be there. Pay him 50 Sen and he will tell you some info and open up his shop.

Paying him another 100 Sen will get you the Flame Barrel Memo. This will let you know that the Fire Tube is in the Hirata Estate.

He will ask you to find out what the Ashina Samurai want as well. If you find out and tell him, he will upgrade his wares. We have a guide here if you want help with that task.

Anayama CAN be effected by the Dragonrot. If the Dragonrot for the Newcomer pops up, he has the Dragonrot.

Pot Noble Harunaga
The noble pot can be found in the past, when you use the bell at the Buddha Shrine. This will take you to the Hirata estate and he is in the river. Swim to the islands and rocks near the water fall and you will see him in the pot. He wants you to bring him some Carp scales, time to go fishing.

Check out this guide to find all the Carp Scales.

Hirada Estate NPCs
While you are going through the area of the Hirada Estate, you will run into someone talking about a Shinobi Hunter. In that area there are two other houses that you can speak with NPCs at through their windows.

While you are going through the area of the Hirada Estate, you will find Owl in a court yard and he will hand you a key. He cannot be missed.
Samurai Near Jouzu The Drunk
This Samurai is waiting near Jouzu the Drunk and will go in and fight if you speak to him. You can sneak around the area and engage the enemies yourself if you want. I killed all the little guys and then drug the Samurai into the fight. He barely survived and after he said thanks and told me to press on.

Rat Catcher Ninja
After you defeat Gyoubu, the samurai on the horse boss, you will gain access to a new building. It is across the way from the Ashina Castle Gate. Inside there is a man who asks if you want to help him hunt rats.

Praying Woman
Right after you beat the raging bull, there is a old woman praying on the bridge. She mentions something about a holy person living in the Senpou Temple. She also asks you to join her in prayer but I am not sure if you can.

Battlefield Memorial Mob
This one also opens up after defeating Gyoubue. Travel to the Ashina Castle Gate and turn around to see some stone steps in the distance. Run up those steps and around the building to find this Merchant. This man can also suffer from Dragonrot if you die too much.

Melody Samurai
You can find the Melody Samurai near the well you started the game in, in the Ashina Castle area. He is up above it and speaking about a sound he can hear down below. If you go into the well there is another man you can speak with. Be careful not to attack the man in the well, if you do you lose the chance to talk with him. If you go deeper into the well you will end up in the Bottomless Pit. Right past the idol there you will find the Melody Samurai again. Speak to him here and he says he can hear the sound coming from down below.

He will end up all the way over at the Waterwheel Waypoint in Mibu Village. The woman is right around the corner from him, be wary though, she will attack if you don’t give her the answer she seeks.

Lone Shadow Longswordsman
This one I mess up on and you might as well if you aren’t paying attention. You can find the Swordsman in the well that you started off in in Ashina Castle. He has a purple robe and is standing with his back to you, tempting you to backstab him. If you walk up to him however, you can talk to him. If you talk to the lone shadow swordsman he just says something about looking for the Shinobi, then turns around and attack you anyway. It is better to just take the stealth kill. Thanks to Conker for the comment.

Bottomless Pit Lady
Near the Ashina Depth’s gate there is a woman ranting about the depths. She wants you to cast yourself through the gate and see the Ashina Depths for yourself.

Trapped Peddler In Ashina Castle
In the Ashina Castle there is a Peddler trapped near some Samurai. He asks you to kill the Samurai in exchange for info. From the Ashina Castle way point, go inside the gate and take a right. Grapple up the first wall and then drop down to the other side. Follow the path to the left and you will run into a group of Samurai near a banner. Kill them and then up the stairs, then up the smaller set of steps after that. The Peddler is behind the wall there.
Blackhat Badger
Blackhat Badger is a merchant you can find in Ashina Castle. Head to the Old Grave way point and look over the ledge. Below you will see a large roof with a hole in it. Inside there you can find Blackhat Badger. There are enemy Samurai on the ground level though, so make sure you hit the roof.
Dungeon Memorial Mob
Another Memorial Mob store opens up in Ashina Castle, near the dungeon area. Warp to the Abandoned Dungeon Entrance and you will see him right next to the idol.
The Surgeon
If you go down from the Dungeon Memorial Mob, you will find the Abandoned Dungeon. In the dungeon itself you will see a man covered in blood that you can speak with. Talk to him and he will hand you a note. He is looking for a strong person to be delivered here and it doesn’t say why. If you send anyone down here, they will be angry at you and fight you next time they see you.
Old Monk
You can find this NPC near the Hidden Forest waypoint in the Ashina Depths. Go over the trees and you will see a fire in the distance. Go towards that fire and there is an old injured monk on the floor. He wants to see Lord Buddha return to his temple once more. If I figure out what that means I will update this. I tried to Spirit Him away but that didn’t do anything.
Exiled Memorial Mob
Mibu Village has another Memorial Mob who sells some of those precious Carp Scales. He also sells Dragonspring Sake, which you can give to the Sculptor for more of his backstory. Go to the Mibu Village waypoint in the Ashina Depths to find this NPC.
Baskethead Of Miru Village
The first house in Miru Village has a hole in the roof. If you drop down you will meet a man with a basket on his head. Talk to him and you can ask him about the water, the sake and the monks around here. He will tell you that no matter how much they drink, they are always still thirsty. If you return later, he will lose his mind and say I drank it all! before attacking you. I killed him and he only dropped some Sen.

Orin Of The Water
Orin of the Water is near the Water Wheel waypoint in Miru Village. She is searching for her lord and if you don’t give her the right answer, she will attack. You don’t have to kill her and can run away to speak with her again. I am currently looking for her lord to give her a better answer.

Ishin Doctor
You will need to beat Genichiro to gain access to this NPC. This is the woman that sent you the note at the start of the game. She was the doctor of Genichiro but now her duties have concluded.
You meet with Kuro after you defeat Genichiro, he cannot be missed.
Rat Catching Samurai Isshin Ashina
After you meet with Kuro, he will ask you to go speak with Isshin in his tower. Kuro tells you to take the window to the roof from his chamber. On the roof, follow the smoke signals until you find an old man sitting in an open tower. This is the man who asked you to kill some rats for him earlier in the game.
Divine Child
You can’t miss this NPC, you need to speak with him to get the Mortal Blade. He is found at the Inner Sanctum on Mt Kongo. After you get the Mortal Blade from him, speak to him again to get some rice.
Rice Lady Again
I don’t know if this is the same Rice Lady or not, but they sound the same. After I gave rice to the lady up in Mt Kongo, she appeared at the waypoint in Bodhisattva Valley. She will ask for rice again after pointing out where the dry fruit is.
Black Hat Badger Again?
I am not 100% sure this is Blackhat Badger because he doesn’t sell anything this time, but it looks and sounds like him. After Ashina Castle gets invaded by other ninja, Blackhat Badger leaves. Head to the temple on Mt Kongo and head down to the kite. Use your puppeteer move to force the creature there to fly the kite for you. When you head up the road, Blackhat Badger will be there and will thank you for opening the path.
I am not 100% sure this is Blackhat Badger because he doesn’t sell anything this time, but it looks and sounds like him. After Ashina Castle gets invaded by other ninja, Blackhat Badger leaves. Head to the temple on Mt Kongo and head down to the kite. Use your puppeteer move to force the creature there to fly the kite for you. When you head up the road, Blackhat Badger will be there and will thank you for opening the path.
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