Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Side Quest Guide

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Side Quest guide
In Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, you can pick up extra missions for cash and loot. Sometimes you have to talk to a few people before you can get their side mission. Check out this Shadow Of The Tomb Raider side quest guide and finish them all before you beat the game.

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Side Quest Guide

Side missions start when you get to Kuwaq Yaku.

Deal With The Pillagers
To start this mission you need to speak to the man found here.

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Deal With The Pillagers side Quest

This will lead you to another man who gets kicked down some stairs. Talk to him and he will give you the side quest to deal with the pillagers. Speak to the man watching TV and he will tell you to go speak with Marco at the bar. Marco asks for your help to get his son back from Omar. Head to the spot marked on the map and you will have to deal with some enemies. This can be done in stealth easily enough but loud and proud is also an option. You do have to move somewhat quick though, there are hostages and these goons will kill one if you are to slow. Your reward here is the River Hawk which is basically a desert eagle.

Find Takiys Dice
This mission is very simple. It can be found in the Hidden Village once you get there in the story. All you have to do is talk to 5 NPCs who are marked on the map and return to the quest giver to complete it. This does unlock a new shop with some new equipment as well.

This mission is very hard to miss. As soon as you get the Cultist outfit this quest opens up and the man will be right in front of you. Speak with him and he will ask you to free four rebel prisoners. Free the four prisoners with the cultist outfit one and you will get some Greaves for going back to the quest giver. This will open up the second part of the quest which is to find Colqui. To get where he is, you need to swim under the water in house leading towards his marker. When you get to the marker you are ambushed, kill the enemies and the quest is over.

Hearts And Minds
This mission is found in the Skull Cave after you get the cultist outfit. A man inside the cave wants you to retrieve the King’s Horn. Go talk to the man marked by the way marker and you will have retrieve some herbs to help him out. Talk to the people marked until you meet with a boy. He will ask you to retrieve his father’s knife after he lost it. Jump yup the wall and climb to the ledge to find the knife. Return it to the boy and he will distract the guard so you can get the herbs. Return the herbs to the man and he will give you the Horn. Bring it back to the quest giver and part two will start.

Part two has you going through a tomb looking for the treasure. Climb the tree and follow the path all the way up to the entrance of the cistern. Enter and when you hit a dead end, hit the left wall with your pick to reveal a path. Be careful through here, there are two rope traps back to back on the floor. Progress until you find the wooden bridge and you will fall into some water below. Under the water you can see a little hole. Swim through there and you will end up in a room with a switch. Hit that switch and the water will begin to rise.

The idea here is to keep rising the water and swim up. First time you swim under some bars. Next switch you have to move quick and swim out before the door closes. The last switch raises the water a final time and there is a hole in the ceiling you swim through. When you finally get back to the surface you will find the tomb and you can get the quest item. Return to the quest giver to complete the quest.

When you return to The Hidden City after chasing down Trinity, there will be another part to this quest. This time he wants you to hunt down the Champion’s Bow. Head to the way point and enter into the Jungle. Go the way point and you will find the bow and Jaguar you have to take down. Return the bow to the Skull Cave to complete the quest.

Ancient Studies
This unlocks when you get the Cultist Outfit and the quest is found here.

Ancient Studies Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

There are three murals you have to check out which are marked on the map. Check all of them out and return to the quest giver. She will send you to the abandoned village where you will get ambushed. Kill the enemies and return to get the Heart of the Eagle longbow.

Widows Tears
This unlocks when you get the Cultist Outfit and is found here on the map.

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Muder

When you start the quest, talk to everyone around the area and check out the body and blood stains. Next go under the house and talk to the people there and dig near the middle grave. The most important part is outside the house and down the steps a little bit. The stone wall there can be climbed if you jump up it. Talk to the woman up there and then go around until you are perched on the piece of wood. From there jump to the next piece of wood and use your axe to climb the wall past that. Talk to the woman inside the house there, check the blood stain on the wall and outside of the house dig up the big clue. Return to the woman and she will fill you in on what happened. Return to the guard in the manor and tell him what you found. This will get you Yaway’s Battle Tunic. Free the man who is tied up and then the quest will be completed.

Stay Of Execution
You will find this quest in upper city of The Lost City, you need to be dressed up as a cultist. There is a girl who is sitting on some steps who wants help to free her father. Talk to the two men to the left and right of the guards first. Then talk to the guy blowing the horn so he stops doing that. Finally talk to the guy with the drum, this will distract the guards. Talk to the guys on the left and right again and they will open the door for you. Once you are inside, break the wall down with your pick and you and the father will be free. Your reward is a better knife.

Star Crossed
This is the only quest in the Mission of San Juan area. You have to investigate a few places on the map for the first part of the quest. Talk to the woman in the graveyard and then talk with the kid. The kid wants you to find a treasure for him. Look behind the well in the graveyard and you will find the treasure. Examine the cross after you raise it up and then open your map. This will lead you to another point in the city you need to check out. Follow the crosses all the way to the last one and then interact with the last cross. This will open up a new path and you can explore that path.

Go down the path all the way and you will find a crypt and the woman you are looking for. Return to the quest giver and he will point you towards a tomb to find. Go to the marker but there are two tombs in the area, you have to jump into the water for this one. When you find the entrance you will also have to explore the tomb. Be careful when swimming, Eels and Piranhas patrol the area. At the end room you need to open a door with a water wheel. Attach the rope to the water wheel and then make the wheel spin for only a second or two then stop. If you spin to much the rope snaps and you can’t get in.

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