Shenmue 3 Capsule Set Guide – Heavy Machinery Set

Shenmue 3 Capsule Set Guide - Forklifts Set
Shenmue III has a variety of different sets to collect, including the forklifts. In this Shenmue 3 Capsule Set Guide – Heavy Machinery Set we specifically go over the Forklift set that consists of five vehicles that can be found in one of the games many lucky gambling machines.

If you open the main menu in Shenmue 3 (R1 on PlayStation 4), you can navigate down to the Capsule Sets. Capsule Sets are special groups of items that can be collected in various ways. Each item has an individual value but the value of a set is much higher. However, the price is often on the low side of things, especially for this particular set.

Heavy Machinery Set

The Forklift Set machine is outside of Tao-Get’s store in the starting village of Bailu Village. Each attempt at getting a prize costs you 5 Money. It took me 30 attempts before I was able to get the entire set, costing me 150 money to get the full set. Below is a break down of the rarity of each item.

Collectible NameRarityLocation
Mobile CraneVery RareTao-Get Store Machine
Yellow ForkliftRareTao-Get Store Machine
Red ForkliftCommonTao-Get Store Machine
Wheel LoaderUncommonTao-Get Store Machine
Power Shovel LoaderCommonTao-Get Store Machine

You can sell the entire set for 300, which is 150 profit, but money that is much quicker earned through Cutting Wood. It can also be traded for the Hidden Sandstorm Skill Book at the Pawn Shop in the Panda Market. Ultimately, whether you want to grind for the money or Skill Book is down to you, but the latter is arguably the better use of the time.

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